2020 Buyer's Guide

Xtremepower 22” 45cc Gas Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

2020 Buyer's Guide

Xtremepower 22” 45cc Gas Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

by Ollie Robinson

Xtremepower is a slightly lesser-known brand, and even some veteran contractors might not have run into these power tools before – but this is no comment on the quality of the product, and Xtremepower produces quality tools that can compete with professional tools above its price range. The Xtremepower 22” 45cc gas-powered chainsaw gives you both quality and speed.

Here’s more about the Xtremepower 22” 45cc gasoline gas chainsaw, its best features and why you should consider it when its time to buy another chainsaw model.

The Xtremepower 22” 45cc gasoline chainsaw is a professional quality chainsaw that gives both amateurs and professionals more than enough power to cut through even the roughest trees and thickest brush – but it also affords you enough control to cut through finer turns, or to take your time and slice slowly if the job requires it.

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Product Features

Here’s more about the features that make the Xtremepower 22” 45cc gasoline chainsaw a great option to consider.

  • Engine size: The Xtremepower 22” chainsaw is powered by a 45cc gasoline engine that’s designed for maximum power and output (as much as 2.4 HP), but very low carbon emissions and fuel costs, making it perfect for both amateurs and business owners who care about the environment and want to save money in the long run.
  • Bar length: The Xtremepower chainsaw comes with a 22” bar length that allows you to cut through even thicker, harder logs with ease – and you can choose to install a longer replacement chain later on if you choose to.
  • Kickback and Chain: If you aren’t used to the full power of a gas-powered chainsaw, you might be surprised at the amount of power this model puts out – and you might experience kickback just because you didn’t expect it, kind of like flooring a car’s gas pedal by accident. While the Xtremepower has been designed to minimize kickback, it’s not flawless and extreme care is advised at all times.
  • Safety features: The XtremepowerUS has been designed with user safety in mind, and comes with all of the standard features that you’d expect from a chainsaw – including a safety throttle, a chain catcher and a guard to keep your chainsaw safe when in storage.
  • Warranty: The Extremepower US chainsaw, like most ExtremepowerUS tools, is covered under an extended warranty for any manufacturing faults – and will include a large range of repairs, providing that you’ve taken proper care of your chainsaw and haven’t made any repairs or medications that would void the warranty.

Product Performance

Here’s how the Xtremepower US 45cc chainsaw matches up when it comes to the factors that really matter when we’re talking about performance – power, design and product safety.

  • Power: The Xtremepower US 45cc chainsaw offers an immense amount of power, and probably a little more kick than some novices would expect; this makes it perfect for professional use and cutting down heavy, hard or thick trees. There’s no loss of control considering the amount of power it puts out, but care is advised when working with this chainsaw.
  • Design: The XtremepowerUS 45cc chainsaw has been designed to be comfortable to handle, and it’s pretty easy to get going – it also happens to handle well around corners despite the high-powered design.
  • Safety: The XtremepowerUS is designed with safety in mind, and comes with the average safety features that you’d expect from a chainsaw of this price level, including an on/off switch and a chain lock for when the chainsaw isn’t in use.
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Pros and Cons

Here are some of the top pros and cons for the XtremepowerUS model chainsaw if you’d like to know what the best (and arguably worst) features are for this model.

Pro: The XtremepowerUS range of chainsaws are effortless to start.

While some users reported difficulty getting this chainsaw to start right out of the box, most users had no problem getting it going – and were surprised at what they could get done with it.

Pro: The 22” reach affords more control over the chainsaw operation.

If you’re looking for a chainsaw that has a lot of power, but still lets you control the blade, the XtremepowerUS chainsaw gives you 22” reach – which lets you cut through much more at a time and gives you more power for those tough, professional jobs.

Pro: Its specially designed air-filter ensures reduced pollution – and less of a mess.

The specially designed air-filter is made to filter through any debris created by the chainsaw’s operation and ensures that any gas fumes or emissions are kept to a minimum so that you can focus your attention on the task at hand.

Con: It’s not designed to be as easy to use as many chainsaws that are in the same price range.

Many users reported that they were disappointed in this model just because they had to read through the entire user manual just to figure out the basics – this isn’t an issue if you’ve been working with chainsaws for years, but novices find this point extremely off-putting.

Con: There’s a considerable amount of assembly required right out of the box.

A considerable amount of assembly was reported for this product, and it goes beyond just the basic checking of things like chain tension but needs an entire hour’s worth of setting up before you can get to the job at hand.

Con: The XtremepowerUS chainsaw uses a lot of gasoline to operate. 

The price of gasoline is going up at a steady rate, and many people can’t afford to blow most of their budget on gasoline alone – this matters for professionals who want to keep the price-point of their jobs low, too – and users reported that the Xtremepower US chainsaw is heavier on gasoline-use than one would expect.

Additional Chains

The Standard Replacement Chain: If you’re just using your chainsaw for some light maintenance around your house or yard (or just a one-time occasional job) then the standard replacement chain should be your choice.

The Super Full Skip Chain: The super full-skip chain is designed to be for super high-speed cutting, which has made it a regular choice for contractors who need to finish their jobs in a hurry to move on to the next one.

The Full Chisel Chain: The full chisel chain is designed for power over speed, and it’s the one you should use if there’s something waiting that’s particularly hard to cut through – or when you need a very clean cut through a softer type of wood.

Final Thoughts

The XtremepowerUS is a fine chainsaw if you want a moderately-well made chainsaw at a good price point for just some small things around the house – but it’s very far from one of the best models on the market, and it might not even be the best model in its price range. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad chainsaw by any means, but it does mean that you might have to think twice about buying it.

If you’re after a chainsaw for just a few jobs around the house, this is perfect, but any professional contractor or someone who has a need for a chainsaw more than just occasionally should rather opt for another one of the similar models in the same price range that’ll perform better and be easier to locate replacement parts for it you need them.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the XtremepowerUS chainsaw.

  1. Where can I find replacement parts?

One of the most common questions from users, when they purchase a chainsaw meant for heavy use, is where they’re going to find replacement parts – in this case, your best bet is through Amazon, since parts from the XtremepowerUS models aren’t interchangeable with anything else.

  1. How much assembly is required for using the XtremepowerUS chainsaw?

Some users reported their XtremepowerUS chainsaw assembled and ready to go right out of the box when it arrived, while other users have noted that they had to put the bar and chain on themselves at home: It’s important to note that this one is installed backwards to what most people would be used to.

  1. Is this a two-stroke or four-stroke engine?

The engine is a two-stroke 45cc 2.4HP engine.

  1. Does the chainsaw come shipped with any extras or accessories?

The XtremepowerUS chainsaw (and most of their other tools, too) are shipped along with a user manual and basic covering to ensure that your chainsaw is protected from dust when in storage – but this can’t and won’t protect against any serious dings, or a fall.

  1. Can I use (insert product here) instead of the recommended chainsaw oil?

The simple answer to this question is almost always a simple no – only use recommended chainsaw oil, or don’t blame the manufacturer if the chain were to slip and cause a serious accident.

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