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Meet the WORX 16 inch chainsaw, a capable machine with the auto-tensioning system and patented tool-free chain replacement, which eliminates headaches and hassle that we face with other chainsaws. It is a very user-friendly machine which can be put to excellent use, whether you are a professional or not.


The WG303.1 is a 16-inch long chainsaw made of a durable and rigid material that can be used for all sorts of tasks such as climbing, pruning, felling and bucking. It has an engine with 3.5 horsepower and low 14.5 amps running. Such a chain mechanism is utilized which prevents the over-tightening of the chain. Even after hundreds of uses, it stays at the optimal tension. In case of any incident, the chain stops automatically to prevent any accident from happening. It also features automatic chain lubrication, which is quite a must if you want to work for longer with your chainsaw. You can even install and tighten a new replacement chain without even using a single tool. To provide further comfort, it has a low kickback bar. 120 volts is required for running this machine. It is quite lightweight, i.e. 11 pounds, which improves mobility and portability of the device. It is a corded chainsaw, which means it’s not as portable as the cordless competitors on the market, although a long wire with less resistance can cure that limit ability. The technology used for the bar ensures its longevity. It won’t need a replacement soon. It is easy to lubricate sprocket on the machine’s bar nose, which assists in preserving the life of the tool. All metal dogs at the base of bar allow the user to operate the device with full stability.


  • Lightweight – The fact that the device is corded means it doesn’t require a battery to operate. This means the machine is light to carry around and handle during tough tasks. The device is easily maneuverable during hard tasks requiring the maximum attention of the operator. Because of its lightweight body there will be less fatigue and time consuming while working you can easily do you work no matter how complicated or hard to handle the task is. This chainsaw will let you do it as quickly as possible.
  • Easy to Use – One doesn’t need to be a professional or a lumberjack to operate this device. It can be used easily for different tasks as they arise in your home. The operations of the chainsaw are very simple to understand and it can be operated by anyone who wants to work on any task at home.
  • Safety – This machine makes no compromise on your safety and well being. It uses technology which prevents accidents from happening like built-in safety chain brake which stops the chain in an instant in case of improper contact. It protects you from any harm in case of kickback. In this way, the chances of getting into accidents are at zero and anyone can work safely and quickly using this chainsaw.
  • Comfort – The chainsaw has a rubber over-molded handle which allows the user to operate the device with comfort and relaxation. It also provides an ergonomic front handle which improves the maneuverability of the device.
  • Power – This chain is powerful enough with its 3.5 horsepower engine that seems capable enough for our different tasks. It also comes with a 6.75 ounces oil reserve with an indicator.


  • Portability – Not as portable as the other chainsaws which operate cordless, instead they use a battery.
  • Cooling Down Phase – It is necessary to give the machine a cool down phase to maintain the long life of it after long periods of use. This may be a hindrance to some whose tasks require the machine to run long.
  • Chain Binding –The chain starts to bind rather quickly as compared to other gas units.


The WG303.1 from WORX is a quality device that is a reliable option looking for a chainsaw in the market. It is strong enough to complete normal tasks. Its engine is also powerful though it can’t run non-stop. The motor needs to rest in order to cool down. Other than that, it is a great device, well worth your money.

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