2020 Buyer's Guide

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Gas Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

2020 Buyer's Guide

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Gas Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

by Ollie Robinson

The Tanaka brand is one that a lot of people might not be familiar with yet, but it’s a brand that can compete with many of the better-known ones on the market when it comes to durability and quality, and Tanaka power tools are quickly becoming the tool of choice for smaller contractor businesses and tree felling operations for its sheer ease-of-use.

The Tanaka TCS33EDTP is a simple, powerful and effective gas-powered chainsaw that doesn’t require years of experience to operate. It’s one of the best models that you’ll find if you have a job that needs speed and power rolled into one – this is usually the case when it’s a huge log from denser woods that smaller (or battery-powered) chainsaws might have had trouble with.

There’s almost nothing this Tanaka chainsaw can’t cut, and it’s a great option even if you just take the chainsaw out of storage for some cleaning up every few months.

Here’s why the TCS33EDTP is a great option when you’re looking to buy a new chainsaw.

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Product Features

Engine size, bar length and essential safety features are some of the most important things when you’re in the market for a new chainsaw. Here’s how the TCS33EDT measures up.

  • Engine size

The TCS33EDT is powered by a gas-engine that puts out 32.2cc of power, which is a little less when you compare it to some other chainsaws of the same weight that would get up to as much as 45cc; this is still perfect for most home use and some professional use.

  • Bar length

The bar length of the TCS33EDT is also smaller than many other chainsaws, measuring in at about 12” bar length.

  • Kickback and Chain

This is a pretty small chainsaw, so you don’t have to expect much kickback with this – and it even kicks back a little less than many battery-powered models, so this is perfect for someone who has never owned a chainsaw before and would like a slow, steady introduction.

  • Safety features

Tanaka is a quality brand and safety features were one of the first things on their mind when they created the TCS-series: The chainsaw is only considered on when the power button is held down, so you (or anyone else) won’t risk injury with accidentally switching it on – or having it cut your leg off if you were to drop it by accident. It also has a hand-guard so that you don’t get sprayed with debris while you’re working, and a useful chain cover when it’s not in use.

  • Warranty

The Tanaka brand offers a 7-year consumer warranty on all their products, or a shorter 2-year warranty if you plan on using it for commercial use like a small tree felling business.

Product Performance

  • Power

The Tanaka TCS33EDT gas-powered chainsaw offers you 32.2cc of power, which is more than enough to do most of the casual DIY jobs most people need to do around the yard for the year – but can fall short on some of the larger jobs that require the cutting of harder woods.

  • Design

The Tanaka gas-powered chainsaw doesn’t compromise on design, and it’s especially perfect for anyone who wants a light but powerful little model that can do most of the jobs that they’ll ever need a chainsaw for.

  • Safety
    The Tanaka TCS33EDT has a lot of added safety and comfort features that reduce the risk of injury and make it easier to use. Among other things, it comes with an advanced chain break to stop the chainsaw when turned off immediately to ensure that you don’t injure yourself or someone else on the job. Added features like the thumb rest ensure a comfortable, adequate grip.
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Pros and Cons

Here are the best features of the TCS33EDT gas-powered chainsaw if you’re looking at buying one for your home workshop or small contracting business.

  • Pro: The TCS33EDT has a handy automatic oiling mechanism that means you don’t have to stop halfway through a job.

When you’re using any other type of gas-powered chainsaw, you’ll usually have to stop in the middle of a job to double-check the oil reservoir – and if empty, refill it again. With the automatic oiling mechanism on the Tanaka, you’ll never have to stop in the middle for refilling again.

  • Pro: The Tanaka TCS33EDT is powerful, light and fast all at the same time.

The Tanaka TCS33EDT matches all the most important features for a chainsaw that you would want, even if you’re buying one for very heavy professional use every day as a contractor. It’s powerful, light and fast; three things which makes it perfect for most of the jobs around the yard.

  • Pro: The Tanaka TCS33EDT offers an extended warranty that’s much more than other product manufacturers would to back their products.

The Tanaka range of products offers an impressive extended warranty that you wouldn’t normally see for power tools; their commercial warranty covers the product against manufacturing warranty and common product faults for a period of 2 years, and the customer warranty for non-commercial use covers the product for an incredible 7 years.

  • Con: The chain-tightening system could have been designed a lot better.

A lot could be said for the chain-tightening system, which could have used a whole lot more improvement when they designed it; it’ll need far too regular tightening and you’ll have to stop to tighten the chain right in them middle of a job far too often. For larger jobs, this can quickly become an issue.

  • Con: The Tanaka TCS33EDT doesn’t ship with a bag or case.

You’ll need a good bag or case if you’re going to put your TCS33EDT chainsaw into storage for a few weeks or months, and the product just doesn’t ship with one which means that you’ll have to buy this separately; it’s also an issue if you’re a contractor who takes their tools out of the house a lot and want to ensure their tools don’t risk damage.

  • Con: The TCS33EDT could come with much better written out instructions for novice users.

With most power tools, it helps a lot if you read the instructional manual – but not with the TCS33EDT; if there’s anything you want to know, the best thing you’re going to get is going on YouTube to find the answer or contacting their customer support team directly. On many operation issues, the manual could have been a lot clearer.

Additional Chains

It’s always a good idea to get an additional chain with your purchase of a new chainsaw; every chain wears out during use and will need replacement at some or other point. Here are the 3 best options for a replacement chain that goes with the chainsaw model.

  • Oregon Advancecut 12” Chain

The Oregon Advancecut series is for hardier jobs (and woods), and is the type of chain you’ll need if you have any logs that your regular chain set just won’t cut.

  • Oregon Standard Replacement Chain

The Oregon Standard Replacement Chain is the standard chain that comes with the chainsaw, and it’s the first one that you should buy as a replacement if you’re looking for another chain; it does most jobs with ease, and it’s the go-to choice for thousands of professional contractors.

  • Oregon 14” Replacement Chain

The Oregon 14” replacement chain is slightly longer than the 12” chain that comes with the chainsaw, but you can still install the 14” chain as a solution if you don’t have another one around.

Final Thoughts

The Tanaka TCS33EDT is a great gas-powered chainsaw for backup and occasional use, and it offers the right amount of power for most average jobs you’ll need to do – but if you need a heavy-duty chainsaw as your primary option power tool, it’s best to consider another model with a little more power to it.

Professional contractors will still find that the Tanaka TCS33EDT is light and powerful enough to make a great secondary model to their first chainsaw – and home users will find that the TCS33EDT does everything they normally need to use a chainsaw around the yard for, and it does its job pretty well.

There are some features that this little chainsaw might fall short on, but it’s all small issues that can be fixed with a trip or two to the hardware store – and if you take excellent care of this chainsaw, it’ll last you for years to come, whether we’re talking about heavy use as a contractor’s secondary model or only occasional use for home DIY.

You should buy this model if you’re looking for a lighter alternative to a heavy gas chainsaw that can still do everything its heavier equivalent can handle; just remember to look up the instructions if you don’t find the manual to be clear enough!

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions about the Tanaka TCS33EDT answered so that you don’t have to ask customer support – or spend too much time on Google.

  • What’s the right ratio of gas to oil for this chainsaw?

If you’ve never used a two-stroke gas engine anything before, you’ll have to use a mixture of gasoline and oil – and one of the most common questions is what ratio to mix this in. Usually, a can of gas to a can of oil – though some will double the amount of oil to gasoline; if you don’t know the right ratio then you should just buy pre-mixed oil instead.

  • How much does this saw weigh?

This is one of the lighter saws that you’ll find on the market, which makes it great for anyone with a lighter frame or less power in their arms; anyone who uses a chainsaw every day for finer work (like an artist) will especially love this model – and appreciate the addition of a thumb rest so that you can guide the chainsaw blade with ease.

The Tanaka TCS33EDT weighs just over 10 pounds, much less than many comparative models available on the market.

  • How can you stop the Tanaka TCS33EDT chainsaw from leaking oil when in use or in storage?

With long periods of use (or extended periods of storage), the Tanaka TCS33EDT has been known to leak oil; to stop this from happening when you’re using the chainsaw, you should take a break when you notice that the chainsaw is leaking oil – and when in storage, ensure that the oil reservoir has been cleaned properly and drained completely before it goes into storage.

  • Does this chainsaw come with a chain and oil?

Unfortunately one of the big drawbacks for the Tanaka TCS33EDT chainsaw is the fact that it doesn’t come with an extra chain or lubricating chain oil; while you do get a primary chain, you’ll have to buy any extras like oil, extra chains or a case separately.

  • Where can I get a chain adjuster for the TCS33EDT?

If you’re looking for a chain adjuster for your new chainsaw, it’s one of the other things that don’t ship together with this chainsaw and will have to be bought separately.

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