How to sharpen your chainsaw blade

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A chainsaw is the most useful tool for a woodcutter or a carpenter. It is used for some very serious tasks such as cutting down any kind of a tall tree and also for the cutting of logs into small pieces. But, it is up to the user of the tool that how effectively he is able to use it for any kind of purpose. The prime part of a chainsaw is its blade which does the bulk of the work. However, things get really tough with the time when you are using the chainsaw, regularly but not looking after its blade. The blade with every project loses its sharpness and become dull. So you can well imagine that how the performance of the equipment would deteriorate with time. This is nothing to worry about as there are some amazing tips and tricks which will help you with the sharpening of the blade in no time. The amateurs and as well as the professional users of the chainsaw must follow the right way of sharpening the chain blade. This guide will serve as the main point of reference for all types of chainsaw users in order to sharpen the blade of their tool.

Tips and tricks for sharpening the blade of the chainsaw

We have tried to devise very easy tips for the sharpening of the blade of the chainsaw so that everyone having any level of expertise with the equipment could benefit from this guide. The following are the tips that will help you in a considerable manner for the purpose of sharpening the blade of your chainsaw:

  • You need to first buy either a chainsaw file or a grindstone for the purpose of sharpening the blade. For this, you need to first of all determine the size of your tool.
  • Use oil and even detergents for cleaning the chain of the equipment as it becomes greasy and dirty with use.
  • You need to set up the saw very firmly on a stable surface. Be assured that the base is holding the tool tightly.
  • Find out the leading cutter of the chain as this is the point from where you need to start sharpening the tool. But, if you find all the teeth of the chainsaw of equal size, then you can begin from anywhere.
  • Then you need to hold the file at an angle of about 25 to 30 degrees with respect to the cutter which is grounded.
  • Now begin by sliding the file along the face of the cutter and give a slight bit of rotators or circular motion with your hand.
  • Make sure to maintain the same style of sharpening the chainsaw for each and every tooth of the blade, just as you have started.
  • Now begin the next cycle in the reverse direction just around the unfiled teeth to make it sure, that each of it has got it treatment.
  • Finally, just oil the chainsaw in order to counter the roughness before you begin using it again for any of your projects.

Sharpening the chainsaw is necessary to get your chainsaw prepared for better cutting work and a quick way to obtain the desired results. If your chainsaw gets blunt or the teeth of its saw become less sharp it may affect the performance and time taken to cut the trees. So, it would be better to keep an eye on this aspect and keep the tool updated for better use and easy cutting whenever you have to work with it.

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