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Black & Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw Review

Black & Decker is one of the first names that come to mind when people talk about tools, and that’s because they’ve had a history in providing tools that span over more than 100 years of history.

They provide a huge range of quality power tools that are used by professional contractors and amateur users every day – and no matter what you’re looking for, Black & Decker will have it in their range.

Their battery-powered range has been getting a lot of attention, and the Black & Decker LCS1240 is one of the most popular chainsaw models they have available in this range right now.

Here’s more about the features that makes the Black & Decker LCS1240 stand out when put to the test.

The Black & Decker LCS1240 is designed for multi-purpose use, and if you’re in the market for a quality chainsaw that’s backed by a trusted brand name and perfect for home and professional use, you should consider the LCS1240; it’s great for cutting almost any kind of material when you’re a contractor, including softer woods like pine, and plywoods likely to splinter or tear when subjected to too much vibration or force.

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Product Features

When you’re going to buy anything, you’ll want to know what makes it worth buying. Here are the essential product features for the Black & Decker LCS1240.

  • Engine size

The LCS1240 is powered by a 40V battery that puts out more power than you would expect, that’s more or less equivalent to a 45cc gas-powered engine that you would find on similar chainsaw models available on the market.

  • Bar length

This Black & Decker model comes with a 12” bar length, which makes it the perfect choice chainsaw for most things you’ll need to cut – though it can fall short for large, cumbersome logs.

  • Kickback and Chain

The Black & Decker LCS range has been designed to be a comfortable fit for both amateurs and professionals, which means that it’s been designed with a maximum amount of kickback in mind, which can be dangerous if you aren’t used to the power of your chainsaw model just yet – and the chain can cut through most woods without sticking or damaging the wood.

  • Safety features

Safety features are one of the most important things when you’re buying a chainsaw, and Black & Decker is a brand that’s well-known for never cutting back. The LCS1240 comes with important safety features like a blade guard and start button to make sure that you (or anyone else) won’t ever start the chainsaw by accident.

  • Warranty

All Black & Decker products in the LCS range ship with a limited 2 year warranty that insures the product against any malfunctioning, faults or most common repairs – but they don’t cover any obvious user faults, so make sure that you’ve read the manual first before reporting that the chainsaw is broken, and if you can’t find the answer in the manual, call customer support first.

Product Performance

Power, design and safety are the three single most important features you’ll have to consider when you’re looking for any power tools – and here’s how the Black & Decker model performs.

  • Power

While 40V doesn’t sound like enough power to keep a chainsaw going, you’ll be pretty surprised at just how much power the LCS1240 offers in such a small package; it has no problem cutting through thicker, harder logs that even some gas-powered chainsaws might have had a problem with.

  • Design

The Black & Decker LCS1240 has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, and it’s perfect for anyone who has never used a chainsaw before – and anyone who needs to use one every day. It’s been designed to be lightweight and powerful at the same time, and this model weighs just a little under 9 pounds: Not bad at all for a chainsaw that puts out far more power than you might have thought.

  • Safety

Chainsaw injuries are common, and when they happen they can be extremely brutal; you should always use care and common sense when you’re working with a chainsaw, and knowing as much as you can about the individual chainsaw’s safety features always helps. The Black & Decker comes with a safety button so that it’s never engaged by accident, especially when you have children around, and you can put the chain guard on to make sure that even small children never get near the blades.

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Pros and Cons

Here are the best and worst features of the LCS1240 that should be kept in mind for anyone who’s considering adding one to their collection of tools.

  • Pro: The battery is interchangeable with other B&D model power tools.

One of the most common questions asked about the LCS1240’s battery is whether or not it can be used with any other Black & Decker tools – the answer is yes, but only as long as the voltage of the battery is the same and it’s an authentic Black & Decker battery. Anything else, and the manufacturer isn’t going to take responsibility if something goes wrong.

  • Pro: The LCS1240 is one of the lightest yet most powerful battery-operated chainsaws you’ll find on the market.

Some chainsaws, even battery-powered ones, are heavy – and this can make them dangerous for someone with a smaller frame or who just isn’t used to how much power your average chainsaw can put out. But the LCS1240 clocks in at just under 9 pounds, and it’s one of the lightest battery-powered chainsaws you’ll find that doesn’t compromise on any of the other features.

  • Pro: This chainsaw operates faster than you’d expect.
    Some (in fact, most) electric chainsaws don’t put out as much speed as you’d expect, but you’ll never have this problem with the Black & Decker. It’s one of the fastest battery operated chainsaw models on the market, and cuts at a rate of 5m per second – which is perfect for most things you’ll ever need a chainsaw for, even professional use as a felling contractor.
  • Con: Doesn’t ship with replacement battery.

You can’t expect every product to be perfect, and it would have been great to see the Black & Decker LCS1240 ship with a second battery included; this isn’t essential, but it still leaves you to buy a separate battery if you’d like a backup – and considering you can use the same voltage battery with several Black & Decker tools at once, it would have been nice.

  • Con: It can sometimes use a lot of oil.

The Black & Decker is almost the single most effective little chainsaw you’ll find – but one of the cons you’ll notice very quickly is that this model uses a lot of oil during use. This is just something that you’ll have to keep an eye on as you’re using it, and you will likely have to stop halfway through a job to fill up the oil reservoir. It’s still not one of the biggest drawbacks, and it doesn’t affect how well the chainsaw operates.

  • Con: It just doesn’t work like a gas-powered chainsaw.

This is a great secondary chainsaw, and it’s even a great first model for a professional contractor – and it performs like one of the best in its class. But if you’re used to a gas-powered chainsaw and that’s the kind of power that you need for a chainsaw, you should just buy a gas-powered chainsaw and get it over with or you might be disappointed with what this one offers.

Additional Chains

Buying a replacement chain when you first buy the chainsaw is always a good idea. Here are some of the replacement chains that are available for the LCS1240 when you need one.

  • Replacement Oregon Chain:

The replacement Oregon chain is the one that ships with the Black & Decker LCS1240 to begin with, and if you’re looking for a standard replacement chain that does everything it should, go with this one.

  • Narrow Replacement Oregon Chain:

The narrow replacement Oregon chain is the first model a lot of people choose for a replacement (or even an initial chain), and this one’s perfect for your finer cutting jobs where you really need to make a slow and clean cut through.

  • Heavy-Duty Oregon Chain:

There are some things that your regular chainsaw chain just won’t work for, and you’ll have to look at the more heavy-duty Oregon chains available for this. It’s pretty obvious that this should be your go-to when needing to cut through anything harder than your usual pine.

Final Thoughts

The reputation for Black & Decker products precedes them, and the LCS1240 offers you more power than you would imagine in a small battery-operated package.

This chainsaw is perfect for use at home, and it’s even a great secondary model for a professional tree felling contractor who needs something that works fast and comfortably when they need it most.

The silence and safety features are part of what contributes to making this one of the best models on the market. Apart from buying an extra battery if you plan on regular use, the LCS1240 gives you everything that you might want.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions about the LCS1240 answered so that there’s no need to ask again.

  • What’s the difference between the 40V and 20V Black & Decker battery-powered chainsaw model?

A lot of people, especially home chainsaw users, have wondered what they should choose when it comes to the 40V and 20V. The general consensus seems to be that the 40V model is a significant improvement above the 20V, and it’s definitely worth getting if you need that extra bit of power and speed.

  • What’s included with the order when getting the Black & Decker LCS1240 model, and what might I have to get separately?

Included with the order is the chainsaw, chain and first battery you’ll need (and, of course, the charger) – but anything else including chain oil you’ll have to buy on top of that. Check the manual to see which chainsaw oils are recommended.

  • Can you use the same batteries with these tools as for the other Black & Decker battery-powered models?

One of the best defining features for Black & Decker power tools is the fact that you can use the same batteries (as long as the brand and voltage match) across the board; it’s a good idea to always have a spare battery around the workshop for this reason.

  • How long does the battery on this model last?

One of the most important features for any battery operated tool is how long the battery will last. At full charge, the Black & Decker 2.0 Amp battery can be expected to last about 45 minutes, which is perfect for most home jobs. A second battery is only really necessary if you’re using it for heavier, professional contractor use.

  • How powerful is this chainsaw really when cutting through logs, and how loud can I expect it to be?

The LCS1240 is more powerful than you’d expect. In fact, it’s one of the best battery-powered chainsaws on the market that can compete with ones that are twice the power; at the same time, you don’t have to worry about waking up the entire block: It’s not that loud during operation at all.

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Greenworks Pro Cordless Chainsaw Review

Greenworks is a brand that’s been around for a while, and if you’re in the market for any new tools, this is one of the first brands you’ll encounter.

They’re an Asian-based brand known for their production of affordable battery-powered tools, and they’re great whether you just need something for occasional home use or more heavy professional-grade use as a contractor.

Here’s how the Greenworks Pro 18” 80V Chainsaw matches up when really put to the test.

The Greenworks Pro 18” chainsaw is one of the most popular battery-powered tools in the Greenworks range, and it’s made to cut through several types of materials with considerable ease – including soft to harder timber, which makes it especially great for contractors.

It offers a great amount of power, usually enough for anyone who needs to use a chainsaw at home – and it’s not too heavy if you’ve never used a chainsaw for anything before and you’re scared of being overwhelmed by the weight. And, when it comes to one of the most important features for chainsaws in general, it’s safe – and you can “lock” the chainsaw to protect the blade and unprotected hands when the chainsaw isn’t in use.

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Product Features

Here are some of the features that define the Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw and why you should consider getting one.

  • Engine size
    The Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw is powered by a 2.0 AH battery that puts out 80W of impressive power when cutting, equivalent to a standard 45cc gas chainsaw engine – except there’s no gas needed.
  • Bar length
    This chainsaw’s bar length measures at 18 inches long, which makes it perfect for most cutting jobs – and even most heavy duty ones when wielded with a little more experience.
  • Kickback and Chain

The kickback experienced with the Greenworks chainsaw isn’t nearly as much as you’d think, which makes it the perfect chainsaw model even for anyone who isn’t used to using one.

  • Safety features

The entire brand is made to be as safe as possible, and the Greenworks comes with special features that ensure user safety – including a chain guard and safety-off for when it’s not in use to keep anyone (especially children) from accidentally injuring themselves.

  • Warranty

Most tools made by Greenworks are issued with a 4-year manufacturer warranty that covers it against any faults or malfunctions.

Product Performance

Greenworks is known for tools that perform well even under serious, heavy use – but how does the 80W chainsaw match up against the rest of their products? Here’s what you should know.

  • Power
    Even though it’s battery-powered, this chainsaw doesn’t compromise on power – and its 80V output gives you more than enough power for your average cutting job, even when it’s wood that’s harder to cut through.
  • Design

The product has been created to be ideal for the home contractor who just needs to get the chainsaw out a few times per year, but it’s also ideal for the professional contractor who puts theirs through heavier use; either way, it’s a comfortable fit and isn’t too heavy.

  • Safety

Safety is one of the most important features when you’re buying any kind of tool that can take off your hand if you aren’t careful, and the Greenworks range never compromises on safety; the start button ensures that the chainsaw is never started by accident, and the chain guard ensures the blade can’t hurt anyone.

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Pros and Cons

There are some things this chainsaw works great for and other things where it could perform better. Here’s more about the best and worst features of the Greenworks battery-powered chainsaw.

  • Pro: It’s a powerful saw that’s perfect for multi-use.

Contractors will want something that can handle heavy use and several types of materials with ease, and home users will just want something comfortable that can handle most of what they need to do once or twice per year: The Greenworks battery-powered chainsaw is great because it gives you both these things at once.

  • Pro: It’s safe and light at the same time.

Safety is one of the most important features for power tools, and the Greenworks battery-powered chainsaw has many added safety features that ensure safe use; this includes a start button to ensure that it never starts by accident. It’s also one of the lightest battery-powered models on the market and weighs in at only about 20 pounds when shipped.

  • Pro: It offers 150 cuts on one charge.

Sometimes battery-powered will mean a compromise on product longevity, but that’s not the case here. You can get up to 150 cuts on just one charge, which is perfect for home contractors who just need it for the occasional thing around the house.

  • Con: It’s slower than you might need.

The Greenworks Pro battery-powered model gives you enough power to do most things you want, but that doesn’t mean it offers enough speed – for some heavy contracting use that needs speed as well as power, the Greenworks Pro can be slower when cutting through harder woods.

  • Con: Professional use warrants two models in use.

Professional contractors often do several jobs right after the other – and some even need to be in several places at several sites at once; for this, 150 cuts per charge might not be enough to get to all of the jobs and stop in the middle to let it charge. Heavy, professional use like this often warrants having two models in use at the same time, or just getting two batteries.

  • Con: It comes with one battery only.

Speaking of batteries, the Greenworks Pro model comes shipped with only one battery when you order it – and it doesn’t have the option of adding another battery to your order. Because the batteries used for Greenworks tools (Note: Only of the same voltage!) are interchangeable, it would have been great to see a replacement battery included with the tool from the start. It’s not an essential feature for the product and it’s not even something everyone who buys it will need, but it would have been nice.

Additional Chains

Chainsaws that are put through tough jobs or heavy use will require a replacement chain – and for most, it’s just easier to order your replacement chain straight away. Here are the additional replacement chains that’ll fit the Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Battery-Powered chainsaw for when you need it.

  • Oregon Low-Profile Chain

The Oregon Low-Profile chain is best for cutting softer and harder woods, and this is the first chain the Greenworks Pro chainsaw will ship with – and if you want a replacement that does everything of the standard chain, this is the one you should choose.

  • Oregon Powersharp Chain

The Oregon Powersharp chain isn’t the first option for most people when they need a replacement chain for the Greenworks Pro chainsaw: The only reason why is the fact that most people don’t know they can use it. It works perfectly fine as a replacement chain for this chainsaw, even if you’re in for some more heavy-duty types of cutting.

  • Oregon 91PXL062

The Oregon 91PXL062 is one of the chainsaw replacement chains that are recommended on the Oregon website – and it can work for a few different models, including the Greenworks Pro. Again, it’s perfect for some more heavy-duty types of cutting – or just a replacement chain for when you need it at home.

Final Thoughts

The Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw makes for an excellent backup model if you’re a contractor who will be making use of it every day and needs a tool that will perform well even when put through very heavy use; it can even be used as a primary professional-grade tool if you don’t have another model.

If you’re a home contractor who will just be needing a chainsaw for some standard home use, it’s perfect – and it’s just as great if you happen to be a home user who has never used a chainsaw before in their lives; the safety features and lighter weight of this tool makes it a great option.

It’s a great chainsaw option for anyone who isn’t used to the weight or power of a gas-powered chainsaw, like someone who hasn’t owned a chainsaw for long or wants to buy their first model: At the same time, it doesn’t compromise on quality for anyone who needs to make use of a tool like this for professional use.

It’s light, powerful and safe: Which honestly makes it one of the best overall battery-powered chainsaw models available on the market right now.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions for anyone who is considering the Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw as their next possible buy.

  • Can you use the Greenworks battery between different power tool models?

A lot of people have wanted to know if you can use the Greenworks batteries in different Greenworks tools – and the answer is yes, but only if you make sure that the voltage of the battery is the same, and that it’s only a Greenworks brand tool. If not, the manufacturer can’t take responsibility for what happens – and it won’t be covered under warranty if something goes wrong.

  • Can you buy the Greenworks chainsaw without having to buy the battery?

Yes, if you bought the battery separately or already have one at home, you can just buy the Greenworks Pro chainsaw without the included battery. Of course, the batteries can also be bought separately – but you can’t order an extra battery with your original order, you’ll have to get another battery if you’d like a replacement as a backup.

  • What should you know when putting the Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw into storage?

Like with most chainsaws, it’s important that you empty the oil reservoir entirely before putting the chainsaw away for long periods of time – if not, you take the risk of oil leaking all over the place. The Greenworks chainsaw has an automatic mechanism that helps take care of this, but if it’s for a long while, you’ll want to make sure you release the oil cap to make sure that any extra pressure buildup releases itself. 

  • What’s included with the package when you order the Greenworks Pro chainsaw?

When you order the Greenworks Pro chainsaw, you’ll get a few things included with your order – including the battery needed to power the chainsaw and the charger; many users recommend that you get another backup battery for the device, and this (along with spare chargers for the model) are sold separately. If you already have a battery at home, you can just go ahead and order the chainsaw without the battery instead.

  • Can this chainsaw be used to cut anything other than the usual materials – such as wood?

There are plenty of artists out there who make use of chainsaws to create their unique art from materials like ice – but the manufacturer doesn’t recommended that any of their battery-powered chainsaws be used when cutting ice, especially in an environment that’s subject to a lot of moisture. Doing this risks almost certain damage to the chainsaw and you’ll definitely void your warranty – and you might even risk serious injury, so just don’t try it!

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Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna is a trusted brand amongst professional contractors, and it’s just as popular for everyday people who just need reliable power tools that won’t fail them in the middle of a job. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20” Gas Chainsaw is their version of a workhorse chainsaw that can handle the largest tree felling jobs – and has enough control to take on smaller jobs, too.

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20” Chainsaw is a professional-quality chainsaw with the capacity to handle large, tough heavy job – but with the right amount of sensitivity to allow for control on smaller, more careful cutting jobs. It’s best used for heavy-duty cutting, and it’s the perfect chainsaw if you have a rough, hard tree to cut down – or several trees as a contractor with a busy schedule.

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Product Features

  • Engine size: The 455 Rancher 20” is powered by an X-TorQ 55c gas engine that provides an incredible amount of power with a very low amount of vibration and kickback. 
  • Bar length: The 455 Rancher comes with a 20” bar length, which is perfect for handling jobs that require a fair amount of reach, like trees with a particularly large diameter; some people have even used the 455 Rancher to turn huge logs into fine art.
  • Kickback and chain: The 455 Rancher is an especially powerful chainsaw, especially if you’re used to smaller or less powerful battery-powered models – though, at the same time, it’s still designed with a minimum amount of kickback and vibration.
  • Safety features: Husqvarna designs all of their tools with the user’s safety in mind, and the 455 Rancher is made with a safety lock, extra-strong grip, a minimum amount of vibration and a chain cover so you can put your chainsaw away safely when not in use. 
  • Warranty: All Husqvarna products including the 455 Rancher are covered under their 2-year warranty, which covers most common faults and manufacturing issues – you can also purchase the extended 2-year warranty on top of this if your chainsaw goes through particularly heavy and regular use, or if you just want some extra security.

Product Performance

If you’re considering the Husqvarna 455 Rancher for your next power tool purchase, here’s how the product performs when compared to other competitive chainsaws in the same price range.

  • Power

The 455 Rancher chainsaw has been designed to deliver an impressive amount of power and just the right amount of speed so that you’re able to saw right through even the strongest branches or logs like butter – and the 455 Rancher affords you just enough control to be able to make those fine turns. 

  • Design: The Rancher has been designed with comfort, safety and power in mind. It’s easy to start and effortless to use and control, even if you don’t have a lot of experience behind a chainsaw. It’s even been designed with modifications in mind, and many who use their chainsaws to produce fine art have customized their chainsaw models with fascinating custom paint jobs. 
  • Safety: Safety really matters when we’re talking about chainsaw operation, and the Rancher is designed to be as safe as possible, even for the novice user. It’s been designed for minimum kickback and vibration so that you have a maximum amount of control, and you can “lock” the chain safely when not in use; it also comes with a chain guard to cover and protect your chainsaw when it’s being kept in storage.
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Pros and Cons

Still not sure? Here are some pros and cons about the Husqvarna that can help you decide.

Pro: It’s made for ease-of-use, power and safety all at the same time.

There are many chainsaws that’ll be great at one thing, but underperform at another – for example, some are hugely powerful, but lack the safety features you’d need to operate it safely. The Ranger-series has been created to be easy to use, powerful and safe at the same time – and it’s a great addition to your power tool collection whether you only use a chainsaw occasionally or whether you need one every day.

Pro: The Ranger has a low-vibration design that allows for more control over the blade – and less mis-cutting.

When you’re cutting through anything, there’s no going back from having done it wrong – so you need the maximum amount of control over the chainsaw’s operation whether you’re cutting through wood or ice. The Ranger has a special low-vibration design that increases your control over the chainsaw, and decreases any chances of potential injury.

Pro: The Ranger has excellent low fuel consumption, and has a lower carbon footprint.

The Ranger has been created to be low on fuel, which makes it an excellent option if you’re hoping to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, especially as a business owner who needs a reliable chainsaw.

Con: The Ranger requires a large deal of maintenance, whether you’re using it regularly or only on occasion.

The Ranger is one of the best chainsaw models you can find with great power output, and it’s low on fuel consumption too – but it does need a large deal of maintenance, and it’ll need a proper oiling and cleaning after every job. It’s not self-cleaning or oiling in any way, and this means it takes a lot more work, even when it’s in storage.

Con: It’s not quiet.

While the Ranger has been designed to conduct as little as possible vibration through to the operator, low vibration doesn’t mean quiet, and the Ranger falls on the louder side of the spectrum; sometimes this isn’t a problem, but there are many times where you don’t want to wake up the block by firing up a chainsaw.

Con: The Ranger can leak oil when stored.

Many users of the Ranger-series have reported oil leaks when their chainsaw has been stored away for a while with oil still in the tank – this is partially why it needs regular cleaning.

Additional Chains

Need to purchase an additional chain for your chainsaw purchase? Here are three of the most popular options and what they’re best for.

  • Replacement Chain Standard

The standard replacement 12” chain is what most people opt for when they need to replace the chain and they’re just using their chainsaw for standard, small maintenance jobs around the house.

  • Micro Chisel Chains

Micro-chisel chains have a much finer “grain” on the chain, and affords you a little more control when cutting softer woods – or ones that you can’t afford to splinter. Some also use a micro chisel chain for the finer parts of chainsaw sculpting, and most professionals will have a set of these on hand in addition to the standard.

  • The Full Chisel Saw Chain

The full chisel saw chain is designed for more heavy-duty use, and it’s perfect if you’re a professional contractor who gets regular use out of their tools, or if you have a particularly hardy brush or tree to cut through.

Final Thoughts

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is one of the best semi-professional chainsaws out there, and it’s a great addition to your power tool arsenal whether you just need a chainsaw for some small work around the house, and it’s just as great if you need a professional tool that’ll be put through some heavy, everyday, commercial use for your business.

Final thoughts – this makes for an excellent model chainsaw, and this one outperforms even chainsaws that would be more than twice the price. As long as you take proper care of the Ranger, you can get years of heavy use out of it.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What’s the largest bar that can be used?

There are several sizes of bars that can be used with the Ranger, though they can be interchanged with some larger bars – including a 24” replacement bar made by Husqvarna.

  1. Is the Husqvarna Ranger chainsaw CARB Compliant?

If you’ve never heard of it before, CARB is short for the California Air Resources Board, and chainsaws produced are guaranteed to be compliant with strict environmental standards as US law requires.

  1. Is there a need to lubricate and oil the parts?

While the Ranger chainsaw can be set to automatic lubrication, it’s recommended that users still lubricate the smaller moveable parts of their chainsaws manually – and double-check this just in case before setting out on another job.

  1. Is this a professional machine?

Many people require a chainsaw model that can handle a professional beating, and this is exactly the one if you need something fit for very heavy commercial use – in fact, it’s officially considered a semi-professional model, and it’s great for both homeowners and contractors alike.

  1. Is any assembly required?

In most cases, no assembly was required out of the box – and all that had to be done was some small adjustments to the chainsaw, and maybe double-checking that everything that should be screwed on tight is as it should be.

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Xtremepower 22” 45cc Gas Chainsaw Review

Xtremepower is a slightly lesser-known brand, and even some veteran contractors might not have run into these power tools before – but this is no comment on the quality of the product, and Xtremepower produces quality tools that can compete with professional tools above its price range. The Xtremepower 22” 45cc gas-powered chainsaw gives you both quality and speed.

Here’s more about the Xtremepower 22” 45cc gasoline gas chainsaw, its best features and why you should consider it when its time to buy another chainsaw model.

The Xtremepower 22” 45cc gasoline chainsaw is a professional quality chainsaw that gives both amateurs and professionals more than enough power to cut through even the roughest trees and thickest brush – but it also affords you enough control to cut through finer turns, or to take your time and slice slowly if the job requires it.

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Product Features

Here’s more about the features that make the Xtremepower 22” 45cc gasoline chainsaw a great option to consider.

  • Engine size: The Xtremepower 22” chainsaw is powered by a 45cc gasoline engine that’s designed for maximum power and output (as much as 2.4 HP), but very low carbon emissions and fuel costs, making it perfect for both amateurs and business owners who care about the environment and want to save money in the long run.
  • Bar length: The Xtremepower chainsaw comes with a 22” bar length that allows you to cut through even thicker, harder logs with ease – and you can choose to install a longer replacement chain later on if you choose to.
  • Kickback and Chain: If you aren’t used to the full power of a gas-powered chainsaw, you might be surprised at the amount of power this model puts out – and you might experience kickback just because you didn’t expect it, kind of like flooring a car’s gas pedal by accident. While the Xtremepower has been designed to minimize kickback, it’s not flawless and extreme care is advised at all times.
  • Safety features: The XtremepowerUS has been designed with user safety in mind, and comes with all of the standard features that you’d expect from a chainsaw – including a safety throttle, a chain catcher and a guard to keep your chainsaw safe when in storage.
  • Warranty: The Extremepower US chainsaw, like most ExtremepowerUS tools, is covered under an extended warranty for any manufacturing faults – and will include a large range of repairs, providing that you’ve taken proper care of your chainsaw and haven’t made any repairs or medications that would void the warranty.

Product Performance

Here’s how the Xtremepower US 45cc chainsaw matches up when it comes to the factors that really matter when we’re talking about performance – power, design and product safety.

  • Power: The Xtremepower US 45cc chainsaw offers an immense amount of power, and probably a little more kick than some novices would expect; this makes it perfect for professional use and cutting down heavy, hard or thick trees. There’s no loss of control considering the amount of power it puts out, but care is advised when working with this chainsaw.
  • Design: The XtremepowerUS 45cc chainsaw has been designed to be comfortable to handle, and it’s pretty easy to get going – it also happens to handle well around corners despite the high-powered design.
  • Safety: The XtremepowerUS is designed with safety in mind, and comes with the average safety features that you’d expect from a chainsaw of this price level, including an on/off switch and a chain lock for when the chainsaw isn’t in use.
[amazon box=”B016X45D9E”]

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the top pros and cons for the XtremepowerUS model chainsaw if you’d like to know what the best (and arguably worst) features are for this model.

Pro: The XtremepowerUS range of chainsaws are effortless to start.

While some users reported difficulty getting this chainsaw to start right out of the box, most users had no problem getting it going – and were surprised at what they could get done with it.

Pro: The 22” reach affords more control over the chainsaw operation.

If you’re looking for a chainsaw that has a lot of power, but still lets you control the blade, the XtremepowerUS chainsaw gives you 22” reach – which lets you cut through much more at a time and gives you more power for those tough, professional jobs.

Pro: Its specially designed air-filter ensures reduced pollution – and less of a mess.

The specially designed air-filter is made to filter through any debris created by the chainsaw’s operation and ensures that any gas fumes or emissions are kept to a minimum so that you can focus your attention on the task at hand.

Con: It’s not designed to be as easy to use as many chainsaws that are in the same price range.

Many users reported that they were disappointed in this model just because they had to read through the entire user manual just to figure out the basics – this isn’t an issue if you’ve been working with chainsaws for years, but novices find this point extremely off-putting.

Con: There’s a considerable amount of assembly required right out of the box.

A considerable amount of assembly was reported for this product, and it goes beyond just the basic checking of things like chain tension but needs an entire hour’s worth of setting up before you can get to the job at hand.

Con: The XtremepowerUS chainsaw uses a lot of gasoline to operate. 

The price of gasoline is going up at a steady rate, and many people can’t afford to blow most of their budget on gasoline alone – this matters for professionals who want to keep the price-point of their jobs low, too – and users reported that the Xtremepower US chainsaw is heavier on gasoline-use than one would expect.

Additional Chains

The Standard Replacement Chain: If you’re just using your chainsaw for some light maintenance around your house or yard (or just a one-time occasional job) then the standard replacement chain should be your choice.

The Super Full Skip Chain: The super full-skip chain is designed to be for super high-speed cutting, which has made it a regular choice for contractors who need to finish their jobs in a hurry to move on to the next one.

The Full Chisel Chain: The full chisel chain is designed for power over speed, and it’s the one you should use if there’s something waiting that’s particularly hard to cut through – or when you need a very clean cut through a softer type of wood.

Final Thoughts

The XtremepowerUS is a fine chainsaw if you want a moderately-well made chainsaw at a good price point for just some small things around the house – but it’s very far from one of the best models on the market, and it might not even be the best model in its price range. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad chainsaw by any means, but it does mean that you might have to think twice about buying it.

If you’re after a chainsaw for just a few jobs around the house, this is perfect, but any professional contractor or someone who has a need for a chainsaw more than just occasionally should rather opt for another one of the similar models in the same price range that’ll perform better and be easier to locate replacement parts for it you need them.

[amazon box=”B016X45D9E”]

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the XtremepowerUS chainsaw.

  1. Where can I find replacement parts?

One of the most common questions from users, when they purchase a chainsaw meant for heavy use, is where they’re going to find replacement parts – in this case, your best bet is through Amazon, since parts from the XtremepowerUS models aren’t interchangeable with anything else.

  1. How much assembly is required for using the XtremepowerUS chainsaw?

Some users reported their XtremepowerUS chainsaw assembled and ready to go right out of the box when it arrived, while other users have noted that they had to put the bar and chain on themselves at home: It’s important to note that this one is installed backwards to what most people would be used to.

  1. Is this a two-stroke or four-stroke engine?

The engine is a two-stroke 45cc 2.4HP engine.

  1. Does the chainsaw come shipped with any extras or accessories?

The XtremepowerUS chainsaw (and most of their other tools, too) are shipped along with a user manual and basic covering to ensure that your chainsaw is protected from dust when in storage – but this can’t and won’t protect against any serious dings, or a fall.

  1. Can I use (insert product here) instead of the recommended chainsaw oil?

The simple answer to this question is almost always a simple no – only use recommended chainsaw oil, or don’t blame the manufacturer if the chain were to slip and cause a serious accident.

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Remington RM4216 Rebel Gas Chainsaw Review

Remington has a history that goes back to the 1920s, and they were renamed as the Remington Power Tools Division after later being acquired by the Remington Arms Corporation – and they have a strong reputation for creating high-quality power tools that are perfect for heavy, professional use by contractors or just some jobs around the house.

Here’s why the Remington RM4216 Rebel 52cc chainsaw should be at the top of your list when it’s time to purchase a new chainsaw model for your home or business.

The Remington RM4216 Rebel was designed to be a lightweight-yet-powerful chainsaw that starts with ease and is capable of handling almost any kind of job that you can throw at it, including fine art sculpting with chainsaws (whether wood or ice), small or moderate lumber cutting and more.

[amazon box=”B0177VULZI”]

Product Features

Interested in buying the Remington RM4216 Rebel for your home or business? Here’s what you should know about the core product features.

  • Engine size: The Remington RM4216 Rebel is powered by a 42cc engine that provides enough power to cut though a hardwood log, without having excessive fuel consumption, vibration or noise.
  • Bar length: The Remington comes with a 16” bar length, which is more than enough for most lumber cutting needs – although some might opt for the next model up.
  • Kickback and Chain: Remington understands the importance of comfort for their users, and the kickback isn’t nearly as much as you’d expect with a chainsaw of this size or weight.
  • Safety features: All Remington power tools prioritize comfort, and this is very apparent in their chainsaw design, too: The Rebel is made with an instant on/off switch that will stop the saw immediate if a dangerous situation arises, and a chain break and a throttle lock switch so the chainsaw isn’t engaged by accident.
  • Warranty: The Rebel is backed by a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturers.

Product Performance

So, how does the Remington RM4216 Rebel match up when compared in terms of power, design and safety features?  Here’s how it performs in practice.

  • Power: The Remington RM4216 Rebel offers more than enough power for everyday use, which makes it a go-to option for both professionals and homeowners who just want to do maintenance around the house. 
  • Design: Chainsaws have to be weighty to a certain degree in order to have the type of pull you need to cut through a log, but this sometimes makes them too heavy and uncomfortable to hold and operate – this isn’t the case with the Rebel, which has been designed for comfort as well as power.
  • Safety: Safety matters when we’re talking about power tools, and the Remington Rebel has been created with super-safe operation in mind: It comes with safety features like an instant on/off switch and an operation lock so that your chainsaw doesn’t kick into operation by accident; added safety mechanisms include a chain cover.
[amazon box=”B0177VULZI”]

Pros and Cons

Not sure whether the Remington RM4216 Rebel is the right chainsaw model for your needs? Here are some of the pros and cons if you can’t quite decide yet.

Pro: The Remington RM4216 Rebel chainsaw has been made for comfort, safety and a comfortable grip.

The Remington RM4216 Rebel is made for ease-of-use, and while some people have said that they find this model to be heavy, most users have praised the added comfort features of the Rebel, including the padded grip and low vibration that gives you more control when you need it.

Pro: The Remington RM4216 Rebel runs with the big dogs, and it’s perfect for amateurs and professionals.

The Remington RM4216 Rebel is perfect for heavy-duty professional use, so it’s perfect if you’re a contractor who will be making use of your chainsaw every day for several months at a time during the busy season – at the same time, it’s also perfect for anyone who just needs a chainsaw around the house for maintenance.

Pro: Operates with a very low amount of vibration.

It’s a common complaint that chainsaws produce a lot of vibration that makes its way through the user, and this can make your chainsaw feel like an uncontrollable, angry bull you’re holding on to instead; the Remington RM4216 Rebel is made to operate with a low amount of vibration for extra safety.

Con: The weight of the Remington RM4216 Rebel is considered to be a serious drawback.

While some seasoned professional users will be well acquainted with the weight of your average chainsaw, users who don’t work with heavy machinery such as this every day will find that the Rebel is on the weighty side – this isn’t as much of a drawback as it is something to keep in mind while you’re operating the chainsaw, especially for jobs that require some extra elbow grease.

Con:  The Remington RM4216 Rebel leaks excess oil when in storage.

One of the most common complaints about the Rebel is that it sometimes leaks oil when put away in storage for an extended period of time – but this isn’t a problem considered to be unique to the Rebel by any means: It’s something that happens to most chainsaws requiring oil, and the only thing you can really do about this problem is to ensure that you drain the oil and clean your chainsaw properly after use, especially if it’s going into storage for a while.

Con:  It can be slow for some super-heavy jobs.

The Remington RM4216 Rebel offers a surprising amount of power that’s more than enough to get through even the hardest jobs – but this doesn’t make it flawless, and even though it’s one of the best chainsaws available on the market, some users have still reported that they find this model to be slow-performing with especially hard-to-cut timber – still, if you pace yourself, you can cut through pretty much anything in no time.

Additional Chains

Need to buy an additional chain as a replacement, or just want to order additional chains and keep them around if you need them? Here are 3 options.

  • Full Chisel Cutter Chain: The full chisel cutter chain is what you’ll need if you’re hoping to do some heavy-during tree felling and need some extra sharpness – and this is a high quality chain that’ll last for a long time, and plenty of cuts, without sharpening.
  • Semi Chisel Cutter Chain: The semi chisel cutter chain is your perfect go-to choice for when you need a sharp chain that’s able to perform at superior speeds – the semi-chisel cutter chain is made to be high-quality, and only needs occasional sharpening even with heavy use.
  • Standard Replacement Chain: If all you need to do is some light maintenance around the house, then you should opt for the standard replacement chain that you can get at most places where you can order the Rebel: It’s fine for doing all of the smaller maintenance, and it even performs well for heavy-use – but not for the long term.

Final Thoughts

The Remington RM4216 Rebel is one of the best chainsaws you’ll find, whether you’re hoping to rely on it for casual use at home or want something more out of it like daily, heavy-duty professional use. Some users might find it on the heavy side, but it has just the right amount of power and control to make it stand out.

[amazon box=”B0177VULZI”]

Frequently asked questions

Want to know even more about why you should consider adding the Remington RM4216 Rebel to your shopping cart? Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions about this product.

  1. Does the Remington RM4216 Rebel require any special assembly?

Most users reported the chainsaw already being assembled when they got it, and only a little adjusting was needed at most – though other users have reported that they had to install the chain themselves, and this seems to be down to the shipping or store protocol from where you got your chainsaw.

  1. What’s the trigger-safety and how does it work?

A lot of users who aren’t used to chainsaws won’t know how to use the safety features, and it’ll seem like the chainsaw won’t start: In this case, the safety catch involves holding in the handle, and making sure that the on/off switch is in the right position.

  1. Is this a professional-use chainsaw?

A lot of users want a chainsaw just for casual use and maintenance around the house, but many people who need a chainsaw for more professional use asked whether or not the Remington RM4216 Rebel is fit for professional use – and yes, officially this is classified as a semi-commercial use chainsaw, which means that it can handle most jobs falling short of heavy, industrial ones just fine.

  1. What kind of fuel can’t be used with the Remington RM4216 Rebel?

Use only a mix of environmentally-friendly fuels and oil; see your user manual for just how much the mix should be, or ask the hardware store where you purchased the chainsaw for their recommendation. Don’t use any metal-heavy fuels that can cause damage to the engine over time, and definitely don’t try to use any replacements for fuel instead.

  1. What’s included with the chainsaw?

Along with the chainsaw, you’ll also get a user manual (recommended reading!), extra chain oil recommended by the manufacturer and also a handy carry case to protect your chainsaw from dust or damage when it’s in storage or in transit to a job.

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Dewalt DCCS620B Cordless Chainsaw Review

The original Dewalt company was started in 1923, and they have an extended history of providing customers with high-quality professional-grade power tools that pack a lot of power – plus, they’re masters of innovation: Raymond Dewalt is known as the inventor of the radial saw!

Modernization of the original idea has brought models like the Dewalt DCCS720B Compact Cordless Chainsaw. Here’s more about the DCCS720B and what makes it one of the best battery-powered compact chainsaws on the market.

The Dewalt DCCS720B Compact Cordless Chainsaw packs a lot of power for such a small little model, and it’s become a favourite backup model for professionals who’d like both a compact model and enough power to handle most felling and cutting jobs – it also makes a great starter model for anyone who just wants to do some light maintenance around their yard, or contractors who need a travelling back up to their primary-choice chainsaw model.

[amazon box=”B073FTGBZY”]

Product Features

Thinking about choosing the Dewalt DCCS620B chainsaw as your first chainsaw or backup model to your primary professional chainsaw? Here’s more information about why you should consider making it the DCCS620B.

  • Engine size:

The DCCS620B is powered by a 20V rechargeable battery and requires only a short time worth of charging to get to full capacity, meaning that it’s almost ready for use right out of the box.

  • Bar length:

The DCCS620B comes with a bar length of 12”, making it considerably longer than other comparative battery powered models – and you’d be surprised at just how much of a difference those two inches can make when you have to cut through a particularly hardy tree.

  • Kickback and Chain:

Understanding the importance of safety, the Dewalt DCCS620B has been designed with a minimum amount of kickback – and offers a chain lock to minimize any instances of kickback from chainsaw operation even more. The chain cuts like butter, and needs very little sharpening – even through heavy, professional use as a backup tool.

  • Safety Features:

Battery power has no impact on the performance of this little device, and you shouldn’t underestimate its power when you use it: Because of this, the DCCS620B has been made with some extra safety features in mind, including a chain lock, on/off switch and a safe chain cover when the device isn’t in use.

  • Warranty: The Dewalt DCCS620B comes with an extended warranty that covers all manufacturing faults right out of the box, and also covers some of the most common faults that happen to the DCCS620B. The DCCS620B is guaranteed for 3 years under this warranty, and it includes a separate warranty on the battery and charging unit.

Product Performance

How does the Dewalt DCCS620B match up in terms of power, design and safety when compared to other battery-powered chainsaw models?

  • Power: The Dewalt DCCS620B is powered by a portable, rechargeable 20V battery that carries more power than you would think, and is fully charged in just two hours of charging for approximately half an hour of heavy use. Performance is a little slow when needing to cut through thicker woods or brush, but it can still do the job – just don’t expect it in half the time of a traditional gas-powered chainsaw.
  • Design: The Dewalt DCCS620B is designed to be a comfortable fit in your hands, and offers a minimum amount of kickback even when you’re working with tougher materials and woods. When it comes to a chainsaw, you want something that can grip – and grip properly – and the DCCS620B is perfect, though still offers the fine control that you might need when cutting around corners.
  • Safety: Dewalt designs all of their power tools with the user’s comfort and safety in mind, and the DCCS620B is no exception – instead of compromising for a lower price point, they’ve still put the thought into making sure the Dewalt DCCS620B is as safe as can be: Minimum kickback and hand guards to prevent injury as well as a chain lock and chain cover for when your chainsaw isn’t in use.

[amazon box=”B073FTGBZY”]

Pros and Cons

Still not convinced? Here’s some more information about the pros and cons that you can expect from the Dewalt DCCS620B.

Pro: It’s fast and quiet though powerful enough to handle most cutting or trimming jobs.

The Dewalt DCCS620B has been designed to be whisper quiet, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting the whole block just to cut down a tree – though at the same time, the DCCS620B offers enough power to get through most cutting jobs, whether it’s your backup model as a contractor or just an at-home model for maintenance.

Pro: It’s easy to use even if you’ve never used a chainsaw before.

The Dewalt DCCS620B is made to be easy to use, making it the perfect model for professionals looking for a backup model – but it’s just as good of a buy if you’ve never used a chainsaw before in your life.

Pro: The chain is high-quality and made to last.

Many users report that the Dewalt DCCS620B chain only needed sharpening for the first time after several months of heavy use – and a considerable amount of trees cut. The stock chain is high-quality and made to last.

Con: There’s a lack of power for larger jobs.

While the Dewalt DCCS620B has a considerable amount of power under the hood (at least so to speak), many users have reported that there’s a lack of power when taking on larger, thicker trees – it’ll still get the job done, but not as fast as you might want.

Con: There’s the potential of oil leakage.

Some users have reported oil leakage when storing the DCCS620B with a filled tank. If you don’t want this happening, remember to empty out the tank reservoir before putting your chainsaw away for storage.

Con: There are better models on the market.

The DCCS620B is great if you’re looking for a quality chainsaw at an affordable price, but it’s worth saying that there are many chainsaws at the same power level that perform much better than this one.

Additional Chains

  • The Standard Replacement Chain:

The standard replacement chain is made to be high-quality, designed to be sharp and will last for the majority of jobs – and it’s all most people ever need.

  • The 90PX Replacement Chain: The 90PX replacement chain is perfect if you need a little more power – or if you’ve already gone through more than one standard replacement chain already.
  • 12” Oregon Replacement Chain: Oregon chains are quality, and well known for being able to cut through almost anything – if you have a job that other replacement chains couldn’t handle, this is the one to choose.

Final Thoughts

The Dewalt DCCS620B is perfect if you’re looking for a backup chainsaw model for professional use or an around-the-house chainsaw for small jobs at home – but it can slow you down if you’re trying to do a huge, professional job and this is all you have to do it with. It’s great for something small, but you’ll need a little more power if you want to cut through several trees.

[amazon box=”B073FTGBZY”]

Frequently asked questions

  1. How much assembly is needed for the Dewalt DCCS620B chainsaw?

The Dewalt is pretty much ready to go right out of the box – and there isn’t much setup or assembly before you start using it. But there are still a few things you might want to do before you use it, like setting the chain tension, checking the oil and installing the battery, but only if you’ve had it charged first.

  1. How much can you safely cut with this chainsaw?

The Dewalt chainsaw has a 12” chain, which gives you a little more reach than other comparative chainsaws; you can cut most things with this chainsaw without having to worry, it just might take you a little bit longer than it would have with a gas-powered chainsaw – and pace yourself or you might risk overheating the battery.

  1. How long does the battery really last?

It largely depends on what you’re cutting: For moderate brush and light tree felling, the battery can last as much as an hour on full charge – but for heavier jobs, the battery can be depleted in as little as half an hour, so carry an extra battery if you’re a professional contractor.

  1. Can I use a battery from (insert model here)?

While there’s a lot of supposed anecdotal evidence about which batteries can fit what, it’s recommended that you don’t try – only use parts that have been recommended by the manufacturer, which in this case is the Dewalt DCCS620B battery only.

  1. Can this be used in my country?

This is a surprisingly common question posted on message boards and FAQ sections about Dewalt tools – and the simple answer is yes. At most, you might have to get an adaptor if the charger doesn’t fit your country’s electric socket – but aside from this, there’s nothing that stops you, and the product is available in most places.

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GreenWorks 20312 40″ 16V Cordless Chainsaw Review

Who are Greenworks?

Greenworks is a trusted brand in the repair and landscaping industries, and they’ve been in business since 2007. They specialize in battery-powered power tools that pack a lot of punch and has become to go-to tool brand for thousands of professionals and amateur DIY’ers alike. Recent company expansions have seen the product branch out – most recently in 2018, Greenworks products were made available in South Africa, with more expansion planned.

Their battery-powered tools are designed to handle even heavy professional use, and when fully charged they can make it through a heavy day of work without having to stop or worry about wires in the way of work – this is part of what makes their product so immensely popular.

The 16-inch 40V cordless chainsaw is their version of a portable chainsaw: And it works better than you might expect.

The Greenworks 16-inch 40V cordless chainsaw is a light, portable and battery-powered chainsaw that’s perfect for the amateur woodworker or the professional handyman. It’s specially designed to handle well and pack a lot more punch for its size than you might expect.

[amazon box=”B00DRBBRU6″]

The portable power of the Greenworks 40V chainsaw guarantees up to 150 cuts per single charge and has a weight of only 10.4 pounds – a lot lighter when compared to other chainsaws in the same range.

For wood, lumber and tree felling, this is your perfect working tool. You wouldn’t use it to cut things like steel – but you wouldn’t want to cut steel with any kind of chainsaw.  It’s fine for both soft woods like maple and even tougher, harder woods like birch. It’s also perfect for finer arts such as cutting through ice.

Product Features

The Greenworks chainsaw is possibly one of our best cordless chainsaws you’ll find on the market, but if you want to know just what features make this product an exceptional one, here’s more information about this one’s product features.  

  • Engine Size: The Greenworks 40V cordless chainsaw is a surprisingly powerful little engine for a battery powered tool, meaning it can handle both smaller and larger jobs – with as many as 150 cuts for a single charge. The engine is also made to be whisper-quiet, so you won’t hear a thing.
  • Bar Length: The Greenworks chainsaw has a brushless motor and a bar-length of 16 inches. This gives you just enough reach to do the job right – even if it means that you need to cut through a sizeable piece of wood. 
  • Kickback and Chain: This powerful model has been designed with minimum kickback during its operation, which means that you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself by accident and you can focus on the task at hand. The chain is also designed to self-lubricate so that you don’t have to stop right in the middle of a job.   
  • Safety Features: Safety matters when you’re working with chainsaws, and Greenworks understands the importance of this – it’s made with a transparent tank, minimum kickback and a safety chain break to ensure that it’s safe to use and you don’t have to worry about a potential injury.
  • Warranty: The Greenworks chainsaw (and all of their other battery-powered power tools) come with an extended warranty against manufacturing faults – and if you’re not happy with the product or it malfunctions in any way, get in touch with head office and they’ll be happy to take a look.

[amazon box=”B00DRBBRU6″]

Product Performance

How does the Greenworks 40V battery-powered chainsaw match up in terms of power, design and safety when compared to other, similar models used by amateurs and professionals.

  • Power: The Greenworks chainsaw and most of their other ranges of power tools are powered by a single lithium-ion battery that provides 40V of power – and this is much more power than you’d think for any battery-powered tool. If you’re putting it through exceptionally heavy use, some users have said that the battery will need to be charged more regularly – and with very heavy use for very thick wood, you might have to make use of several batteries if you’re a professional with a deadline to match.
  • Design: The Greenworks chainsaw has been designed with both professional and amateur users in mind; professionals will be impressed by the sleekness, ease-of-use, power and reach (while at the same time being whisper quiet), and amateurs will find they love the fact that this product is simple and safe to operate with more than enough power for their needs.
  • Safety: Safety matters when we’re talking about power tools, and Greenworks has gone the extra mile to ensure that their power tools are all designed to be safe for the user; in the case of the chainsaw, they’ve taken care to add a safety stop – and when not in use, you can cover your chainsaw so that nobody gets accidentally injured. There’s also a safety lock button to ensure that the chainsaw doesn’t get started by accident and lead to a nasty injury.

Pros and Cons


  1. The Greenworks 40V battery-powered chainsaw is designed to be powerful enough to handle any job, yet at the same time to be whisper quiet and have a minimum of vibration for the user – meaning that they have a decent amount of control while operating the chainsaw. It’s perfect for when you don’t want the neighbors to think the Chainsaw Massacre has just arrived in town.
  2. Many people choose to stay away from battery-powered tools because they think the battery-models might lack power – but in this case, you can handle as much as 150 cuts on a single charge. There isn’t any reduction of power when you get to the end of the 150-mark, either, and the chainsaw is powerful enough to cut through even the toughest kinds of wood – and that’s the kind of power you need. Another pro for the Greenworks chainsaw is its lightweight design: It’s only 10.36 pounds. When you’re working with a chainsaw, you don’t want it to feel heavier than what you’re sawing through – you could lose control if this happens; this design point ensures that it doesn’t happen.


  1. Time: While the Greenworks chainsaw gives you more than enough power to finish the job, it sometimes takes a little bit longer than with a comparative saw – it’s fine for some jobs (especially ones that need a finer touch) but limiting for others.
  2. Length: The length of the chainsaw (at 16 inches) is perfect for some jobs, but will be a con for some people who need to cut through especially hardy, huge trees.
  3. Storage: Remember to drain the oil out of this model before you put it away; if not, the oil can leak out and leave stains everywhere.
[amazon box=”B00DRBBRU6″]

Additional Chains

You can purchase and install additional chains if you have different needs.

  • The Standard Replacement Chain
  • Full-Chisel Cutter Chain
  • Low-Profile Cutters 

The Replacement Chain is the one you should choose if you’re only looking at using the chainsaw for normal, standard, every once-in-a-while jobs.

The Full-Chisel Cutter Chain is for harder, rougher jobs that need a little bit more power behind them to cut through.

Low Profile Cutter Chains are the ones you’ll use for regular maintenance, brush and twig cutting.

Final Thoughts

Greenworks puts a lot of thought into designing their power tools – it’s easy to use, quick, powerful and worth buying whether you’re a professional who does a lot of work with your tools or amateur landscaper who just needs to clean the yard and do some maintenance around the house.

[amazon box=”B00DRBBRU6″]

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this product.

  1. Can you leave the chainsaw on charge?

No, it’s recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and charge the chainsaw only when the battery has run down – or once every two months.

  1. Does it come with any accessories?

Yes, it comes with a durable fabric case to protect your model against any dings or dust. It also comes with the charger and battery included, though you can pick the tool model only in your order.

  1. Can you switch batteries?

No, stick to the recommended battery for your model; the 40V battery should go with the 40V model – anything else and you might have too much or too little power for the model, and this is user-inflicted damage not covered by your warranty.

  1. How long does it take to fully charge?

The Greenworks chainsaw takes only 45 minutes to reach its full capacity charge – and it only needs to be charged once every 150 cuts or once every two months, depending on just how much you use it.

  1. Can you use anything else for chain lubricant?

When you run out of chain lubricant, it’s recommended that you only use recommended products to lubricate the chain – that is, chain lubricant. Any other products, including canola oil, can’t be guaranteed as safe for your chainsaw.

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Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw Review

Poulan is a name you can rely on whenever you are in need of a chainsaw. It is a big name in the industry of chainsaws. The Poulan Pro 5020AV is a tried and tested machine that delivers quality and reliability to their users. It is made of durable materials that will stand the test of time. Here in this guide, you will get to know everything you need about the 5020AV.

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Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw_1The 5020AV is considered an extremely versatile chainsaw because of the features it packs for its users. It is a gas powered chainsaw with a 20 inches long bar. It uses DuraLife engine technology, which enhances and prolongs the life of the engine. Not only that, I also ensure the proper working of the machine. Its air filter also has a super clean air filter system that is great for the maintenance of the air filter. This chainsaw uses all types of technology to provide comfort and pleasure to the user while operating the machine.

You would also require minimal costs to maintain and repair this machine. What makes this machine better is the effortless starting system which brings the machine to life no matter what condition. It also has reduced vibration handle which decreases the operator’s fatigue by a good measure. Like the competition, it also offers automatic chain oiler. It comes with a carrying case so that you can take this chainsaw anywhere with you.

The engine is a 2-stroke 50cc one which is enough for demanding tasks. It even allows instant access to the spark plug and air filter for the added convenience so that you will find no problem while reaching these parts. It is one of the most powerful chainsaws for the consumers on the market. Considering all that, it is just 10 pounds, which is very light considering the other models.


  • Engine – This chainsaw comes with a powerful 50cc engine that can run for a long time to achieve our tasks efficiently. The engine also uses DuraLife technology, which prolongs its life. The engine thus used has a strong structure and is capable to provide a consistent push to withstand various task conditions and working requirements without failing.
  • Bucking and Felling – This is a powerful chainsaw being perfect for the tasks of bucking and felling. It can even be used for climbing, but that can be a bit hard due to the weight of the chainsaw.
  • Scrench Holder – This machine comes with an on-board scrench holder tucked under the rear handle for the added comfort of the user.
  • Convenience – This chainsaw makes no compromise on ease of use and the convenience of the user. It features less vibration to provide smooth operation. So, while in use you can handle it safely without getting extra pressure on your shoulder and
  • Lightweight – This chainsaw is actually quite light considering the size of the bar length.


  • Sprocket Limitation – One is stuck with the OEM spur sprocket with this machine. If someone wants to upgrade to one of the more efficient, rim style, more interchangeable sprockets, you can’t because it doesn’t support any of them.
  • Portability – Since it is a gas-powered chainsaw it can never be as portable or easier to move around compared to a cordless chainsaw.
  • Need for Carburetor Adjuster – You’ll eventually need a special carburettor adjustment tool which is becoming harder to find in the market. This means you’ll have to take your unit to an authorized service center for such kind of service.


The Poulan Pro 5020AV is a good and reliable chainsaw with many functions for the use of the average user. If you are a professional or even a starter in this field and need to have a reliable chainsaw that would make you feel at ease while cutting timber and huge wooden pieces as quickly as possible.Not only that, it is also very versatile in performing the functions of limbing, bucking and felling in order to make your task a bit easier as compared to what other saws can do for you. It is a machine people should definitely consider when looking for a capable chainsaw in the market.

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WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw Review

Meet the WORX 16 inch chainsaw, a capable machine with the auto-tensioning system and patented tool-free chain replacement, which eliminates headaches and hassle that we face with other chainsaws. It is a very user-friendly machine which can be put to excellent use, whether you are a professional or not.

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The WG303.1 is a 16-inch long chainsaw made of a durable and rigid material that can be used for all sorts of tasks such as climbing, pruning, felling and bucking. It has an engine with 3.5 horsepower and low 14.5 amps running. Such a chain mechanism is utilized which prevents the over-tightening of the chain. Even after hundreds of uses, it stays at the optimal tension. In case of any incident, the chain stops automatically to prevent any accident from happening. It also features automatic chain lubrication, which is quite a must if you want to work for longer with your chainsaw. You can even install and tighten a new replacement chain without even using a single tool. To provide further comfort, it has a low kickback bar. 120 volts is required for running this machine. It is quite lightweight, i.e. 11 pounds, which improves mobility and portability of the device. It is a corded chainsaw, which means it’s not as portable as the cordless competitors on the market, although a long wire with less resistance can cure that limit ability. The technology used for the bar ensures its longevity. It won’t need a replacement soon. It is easy to lubricate sprocket on the machine’s bar nose, which assists in preserving the life of the tool. All metal dogs at the base of bar allow the user to operate the device with full stability.


  • Lightweight – The fact that the device is corded means it doesn’t require a battery to operate. This means the machine is light to carry around and handle during tough tasks. The device is easily maneuverable during hard tasks requiring the maximum attention of the operator. Because of its lightweight body there will be less fatigue and time consuming while working you can easily do you work no matter how complicated or hard to handle the task is. This chainsaw will let you do it as quickly as possible.
  • Easy to Use – One doesn’t need to be a professional or a lumberjack to operate this device. It can be used easily for different tasks as they arise in your home. The operations of the chainsaw are very simple to understand and it can be operated by anyone who wants to work on any task at home.
  • Safety – This machine makes no compromise on your safety and well being. It uses technology which prevents accidents from happening like built-in safety chain brake which stops the chain in an instant in case of improper contact. It protects you from any harm in case of kickback. In this way, the chances of getting into accidents are at zero and anyone can work safely and quickly using this chainsaw.
  • Comfort – The chainsaw has a rubber over-molded handle which allows the user to operate the device with comfort and relaxation. It also provides an ergonomic front handle which improves the maneuverability of the device.
  • Power – This chain is powerful enough with its 3.5 horsepower engine that seems capable enough for our different tasks. It also comes with a 6.75 ounces oil reserve with an indicator.


  • Portability – Not as portable as the other chainsaws which operate cordless, instead they use a battery.
  • Cooling Down Phase – It is necessary to give the machine a cool down phase to maintain the long life of it after long periods of use. This may be a hindrance to some whose tasks require the machine to run long.
  • Chain Binding –The chain starts to bind rather quickly as compared to other gas units.


The WG303.1 from WORX is a quality device that is a reliable option looking for a chainsaw in the market. It is strong enough to complete normal tasks. Its engine is also powerful though it can’t run non-stop. The motor needs to rest in order to cool down. Other than that, it is a great device, well worth your money.

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Makita UC4030A Electric Chainsaw Review

A smart investment is such which you do once in a while when buying a product that you know will last you long. You are prepared to fork over extra cash if you know you are getting a reliable quality product. Such is the case with Makita UC4030A. It delivers a great performance which is not only on par with the competition but often beats the other products from other brands.

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ceppil6This chainsaw comes with a tool-less blade featuring chain adjustments allowing for easy maintenance and operation. It is built using quality materials that have been designed to last long. It comes with ergonomic handles that give the user comfort even when performing a hard and heavy duty task. The handles are rubberized to give you maximum grip and comfort. This machine features smooth start feature with a large switch. The motor is also protected from burn-outs because of the feature that automatically limits the power to the motor when the saw is overloaded. Also, this chainsaw has a large oil reservoir with easy viewing windows allowing you to check the bar oil level. This product weighs only 13.9 pounds, which gives you maximum control while operating the machine. All in all, this chainsaw uses less power but delivers, weighs less, but it is very strong and is compact but can deal with heavy duty tasks that can only be achieved with the larger counterparts of other brands.


  • Compact – The chainsaw features a compact form factor that makes any task easier than before. It also weighs only 13.9 pounds so you can easily carry it around for your different tasks. You will find it easy while operating and carrying along the job area. It only requires a little effort because of its compact and lightweight body.
  • Efficient – This chainsaw is designed in such a way that it consumes less power, but it is very powerful to complete your difficult tasks. It also has a safeguard mechanism that reduces the power being delivered to the motor when the saw is overloaded to prevent from burn-outs. In this way, this one proves to be efficient and safe for the user while it’s in use and can keep you out of danger while working.
  • Large Oil Reservoir – Another advantage of purchasing this product is the fact that features a large oil reservoir with easy viewing windows that allow the user to check the oil level. This means the motor can work for longer without breaks and the engine would be lubricated no matter how long the chainsaw is being used.
  • Ergonomic Handles – The machine allows for an easy and comfortable operation because it uses rubberized grips and handles. This gives you the maximum control combined with comfort while operating the machine. The design of the handle has been structured to give a great grip while working and you can easily avoid slipping of the chainsaw.
  • Maintenance – This machine allows for easy maintenance and repair because of its one-touch tool-less blade adjustments. This also means the chain is easily adjustable too.


  • Manual Oiling – Sometimes, the automatic oiler is just not capable to fulfill the machines requirement which forces you to resort to manual means. This means that you will have to manually oil the chain from time to time, which can be a bit inconvenient for a few folks out there.
  • Portability – Since this is a corded chainsaw, it might present portability options for some users. It will not be able to run without a power outlet so that can be a problem for some.
  • Chain Blade – It has also been experienced with the device that the blade is not perfectly perpendicular to the front of the saw. Though this is not a big problem, it might get a bit annoying for the perfectionist.


This option from Makita is one of the best chainsaws available in the market because it is a jack of all trades chainsaw. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, this machine can be proved to be of great use to you because it excels in pruning, felling of moderate trees, limbing, and other similar tasks.

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