2020 Buyer's Guide

Remington RM1425 Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

2020 Buyer's Guide

Remington RM1425 Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

by Ollie Robinson

Remington is a brand that people would normally associate with firearms instead of power tools, but they’ve expanded the company brand to manufacturing a lot more than just some of the best guns: They also happen to be the company behind some of the best tools you’ll ever see. They’ve been a trusted name in power tools for along time, and the Remington RM1425 offers a supremely lightweight chainsaw perfect for any use.

The Remington RM1425 promises to be one of the most powerful lightweight chainsaws that you’ll ever hold, and it’s certainly one of the lightest tools within the Remington range – but for its lightness, there’s no need to expect that the RM1425 will compromise on power: It’s got a surprising amount of power in such a small package that makes it perfect for any kind of cutting you’ll ever need to do, even if you’re a professional contractor whose chain will see a hundred trees in a week.

Here’s more essential information about the Remington RM1425 if you’re thinking about adding one of these to your collection of power tools – and why it’s one of the best, lightest models on the market right now.

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Product Features

Here’s more information about the essential product features that make the RM1425 one of the best chainsaws available on the market right now.

  • Engine size

The Remington RM1425 Limb-n-Trim model offers a surprising 8AMP of electric power, which is a lot more than you would expect with a chainsaw of this weight.

  • Bar length

The standard bar length for the Remington RM1425 is 14”, more than enough to slice through most diameters with just a single cut through.

  • Kickback and Chain

The RM1425 offers very little kickback with a very effective chain brake, and even novice users will find that this chainsaw is one of the easiest ones to handle.

  • Safety features

There are plenty of safety features that make the RM1425 worth buying; to name just a few of them, the instant chain brake ensures you’ll never operate the chainsaw by accident – and operation stops the moment you let go. It’s also got a handy chain guard to keep the blade away from anyone who might touch it by accident.

  • Warranty

All Remington products are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty that products the product against any of the most common power tool problems for a two year period – although many users have gotten great use out of their chainsaws for several years after the warranty.

Product Performance

Here’s how the Remington RM1425 performs when it’s put to the test.

  • Power

The 4AMP offered by the RM1425 is more than enough power most people will ever need; it has no trouble slicing through even the thicker tree limbs like butter, and there’s no vibrational transfer through to your hands while you work. If you’re looking for a chainsaw that performs like a professional, top-of-the-range tool, this should be your choice.

  • Design

Remington has never been known to compromise on design, and they’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring that the RM1425 is the most comfortable chainsaw you’ll ever use, whether you’ve never used a chainsaw before or whether you’ve been working with them for more than 20 years. It’s impressive, and you can tell that a lot of thought went into the design of this chainsaw to begin with.

  • Safety

The safety features are something you’ll really appreciate if you’re working with a power tool that has the potential to take your hand off – with the Remington RM1425, you never have to worry about exposing your hand to the blade while you’re working, or debris blowback in the middle of a cut; the instant chainsaw brake also ensures that the chain stops immediately for just that extra bit of needed safety.

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Pros and Cons

Want to know more? Here are the essential pro-and-con features that need to be considered if a new chainsaw is at the top of your wish list.

  • Pro: It’s one of the lightest chainsaws you’ll find on the market.

The Remington chainsaw measures in at only 8 pounds, which is a lot less than you would expect – and if you find that a normal chainsaw is hard to pick up or use for long periods of time, you’ll find that this chainsaw is what you’ve been waiting for all along.

  • Pro: While light, it doesn’t compromise on the amount of power behind the chain.

A lot of the time, a light chainsaw means that they’ll cut corners and it will end up having a lot less power than you would expect. This isn’t the case with the Remington at all, and it’s one of the best possible chainsaws you can find when it comes to both a lightweight chainsaw and far more power than you would expect.

  • Pro: It’s easy to use even if you’ve never used a chainsaw before.

Features like the push-button oiler system and the quick tensioner means that even people who wouldn’t say they know much about chainsaws will be able to get to work with it straight away. For professional contractors who do know the mechanics of these saws pretty well, the features will be a huge time-saver on the job.

  • Con: It can sometimes spray back too much debris.

The Remington chainsaw can sometimes spew back a considerable amount of debris while you’re using it – it’s not really a con for the device, but it’s something that should remind you to buy the extra head-gear when you buy the chainsaw. It’s just safer that way anyhow.

  • Con: The chainsaw doesn’t ship with extras like the case.

If you’re someone who plans on travelling a lot with their chainsaw (like a professional contractor) it’s likely that you’ll want to get a bag or case for your chainsaw. It’s unfortunate that this chainsaw doesn’t ship with the added extra of the bag or case at all; if you do want to add it, it’s just something you’ll have to get separately.

  • Con: What about the instructions for the chainsaw?

If you’ve never used a chainsaw before, you won’t have a lot of trouble operating the Remington RM1425 – it’s just hands-down one of the best chainsaws you’ll ever use. But if there’s something you’d like to know about the saw or how it operates, you shouldn’t check the user manual: Many users have reported that it’s way to vague on things like chain adjustment – it’s best to just contact customer support instead.

If you have any issues with this chainsaw or would like to find out more about the warranty or operation of the saw, Remington customer support offers you some of the best standby help you’ll see with any product.

Additional Chains

Getting an additional chain for your chainsaw isn’t a case of if but when: Wear-and-tear means that you’ll have to replace the chain eventually. Naturally, you’ll want to choose the best quality possible. Here are 3 of the top additional chains you can buy for the Remington RM1425.

  • Standard Oregon Chain

The standard Oregon chain is available at most hardware stores and does the job of what you’ll need a chain to do – even for harder jobs. There’s goon reason why Oregon chains are one of the most common types you’ll see on the market.

  • AdvanceCut Oregon Chain

If your cutting needs happen to be a little more advanced than the average tree felling job, you should invest in the AdvanceCut Oregon Chain that can offer you some more cutting power when you need it most.  

  • 16” Oregon Chain

Yes, it turns out that you can install a 16” Oregon chain on the Remington RM1425 with a few small adjustments – and if you don’t have anything else around, it’ll work just fine.

Final Thoughts

The Remington RM1425 is perfect for anyone who needs a lighter chainsaw but doesn’t want to compromise on the amount of power. The RM1425 is one of the lightest chainsaws available on the market, and while it’s light, there’s still a great amount of power hidden in this little engine – more than enough power for cutting through huge logs or trimming thick brush.

The only real drawback for this model is the amount of noise (and maybe the fact that it doesn’t ship with an included case), and both are something that’s easy to fix – and has no bearing on just how well the saw slices through wood.

It’s a top choice for professional contractors who want to save their back, and for novice chainsaw users who are looking for a chainsaw that’s easy to operate while still offering you a professional quality cut.

It’s even become a top chainsaw choice for artists who work with wood – but unfortunately, the cord means that the chainsaw can never be used when working with ice (or in a wet, rainy environment) like you would use a gas-powered chainsaw.

If you’re looking for a professional-grade model that won’t break the bank or your back, choose the Remington RM1425 to suit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for the Remington RM1425 so that you won’t have to ask twice.

  • Does the Remington RM1425 require any assembly?

One of the best things for the Remington RM1425 if you don’t know a whole lot about chainsaws is the fact that it requires almost no assembly – you might have to tighten the chain, and you’ll definitely have to oil it, but once you’ve gotten past this you should be good to go.

  • Can you cut up a tree limb with this chainsaw?

“What can be cut with this?” is one of the most common questions asked when it comes to buying a new chainsaw. You won’t be disappointed with the Remington RM1425 model when it comes to cutting down tree limbs – and apart from having to make a second cut, you’ll be able to handle most types of wood with this baby.

  • What kind of chain oil should be used with the Remington RM1425?

There are a few generic brands of high-quality chain oil that will work great with this model chainsaw – but if you aren’t sure which to use, opt for the brands underwritten by Remington (or, of course, actual Remington-brand oil).

  • Does the Remington RM1425 offer enough power if you happen to be a professional contractor instead?

A lot has been said for how the Remington RM1425 will perform with home use, but a lot of contractors have wanted to know just how the tool matches up if you need it for professional, heavy use that a contractor would put it through: Even for this, it performs better than the majority of other chainsaws you would find on the market, and it’s one of the best lighter chainsaw models available on the market.

  • Can you use parts from one Remington chainsaw on another?

No, and you shouldn’t – even if you’ve heard about another user who has done this successfully, doing it yourself will void your warranty and could lead to serious risk of electric shock or damage to the product.

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