Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw Review

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Features 9
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Poulan is a name you can rely on whenever you are in need of a chainsaw. It is a big name in the industry of chainsaws. The Poulan Pro 5020AV is a tried and tested machine that delivers quality and reliability to their users. It is made of durable materials that will stand the test of time. Here in this guide, you will get to know everything you need about the 5020AV.


Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw_1The 5020AV is considered an extremely versatile chainsaw because of the features it packs for its users. It is a gas powered chainsaw with a 20 inches long bar. It uses DuraLife engine technology, which enhances and prolongs the life of the engine. Not only that, I also ensure the proper working of the machine. Its air filter also has a super clean air filter system that is great for the maintenance of the air filter. This chainsaw uses all types of technology to provide comfort and pleasure to the user while operating the machine.

You would also require minimal costs to maintain and repair this machine. What makes this machine better is the effortless starting system which brings the machine to life no matter what condition. It also has reduced vibration handle which decreases the operator’s fatigue by a good measure. Like the competition, it also offers automatic chain oiler. It comes with a carrying case so that you can take this chainsaw anywhere with you.

The engine is a 2-stroke 50cc one which is enough for demanding tasks. It even allows instant access to the spark plug and air filter for the added convenience so that you will find no problem while reaching these parts. It is one of the most powerful chainsaws for the consumers on the market. Considering all that, it is just 10 pounds, which is very light considering the other models.


  • Engine – This chainsaw comes with a powerful 50cc engine that can run for a long time to achieve our tasks efficiently. The engine also uses DuraLife technology, which prolongs its life. The engine thus used has a strong structure and is capable to provide a consistent push to withstand various task conditions and working requirements without failing.
  • Bucking and Felling – This is a powerful chainsaw being perfect for the tasks of bucking and felling. It can even be used for limbing, but that can be a bit hard due to the weight of the chainsaw.
  • Scrench Holder – This machine comes with an on-board scrench holder tucked under the rear handle for the added comfort of the user.
  • Convenience – This chainsaw makes no compromise on ease of use and the convenience of the user. It features less vibration to provide smooth operation. So, while in use you can handle it safely without getting extra pressure on your shoulder and
  • Lightweight – This chainsaw is actually quite light considering the size of the bar length.


  • Sprocket Limitation – One is stuck with the OEM spur sprocket with this machine. If someone wants to upgrade to one of the more efficient, rim style, more interchangeable sprockets, you can’t because it doesn’t support any of them.
  • Portability – Since it is a gas powered chainsaw it can never be as portable or easier to move around compared to a cordless chainsaw.
  • Need for Carburetor Adjuster – You’ll eventually need a special carburetor adjustment tool which is becoming harder to find in the market. This means you’ll have to take your unit to an authorized service center for such kind of service.


The Poulan Pro 5020AV is a good and reliable chainsaw with many functions for the use of the average user. If you are a professional or even a starter in this field and need to have a reliable chainsaw that would make you feel at ease while cutting timber and huge wooden pieces as quickly as possible.Not only that, it is also very versatile in performing the functions of limbing, bucking and felling in order to make your task a bit easier as compared to what other saws can do for you. It is a machine people should definitely consider when looking for a capable chainsaw in the market.

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