2020 Buyer's Guide

Husqvarna 460 Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

2020 Buyer's Guide

Husqvarna 460 Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

by Ollie Robinson

Husqvarna is a brand synonymous with power, quality and safety – even though it’s not one of the first brands that you might think of when you’re going to buy a new power tool, it’s fought its way to become one of the top five brands on the market right now. They’ve soon become one of the top choice brands for professional and amateurs both when they need to do some cutting around the yard or slice up a big piece of timber.

The Husqvarna is their chosen alternative to a smaller, gas-powered chainsaw that can handle almost anything you can think to throw at it. Their emphasis on quality and safety at the same time has made it one of the top tools – and it’s on the wish-list for many contractors and home users who want a great chainsaw as part of their collection of tools.

It handles well for both harder and softer kinds of wood, and offers you just the right amount of control.

Here’s how the Husqvarna 460 chainsaw really performs.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • 460 Rancher chainsaw is a robust all-round saw for jobs that need a longer Bar
  • 60. 3cc 20 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain, Torque, max. 3.4 Nm
  • 2 cycle engine with intertia activated chain brake for safety while operating

Product Features

Here’s more about the Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw and what’s to be expected for anyone who buys one.

  • Engine size
    The 460 R
    ancher chainsaw model is powered by a 60.3cc 2-Cycle gas engine that offers you more than enough power to cut through most things you’ll ever need.
  • Bar length
    The 460 Rancher chainsaw offers you a bar length of 20”, which is enough to cut through some pretty large diameter logs without having to make a third or fourth cut.
  • Kickback and Chain
    The kickback can surprise you if you’re not used to how much power a gas-powered chainsaw can really put out – take it slow if you’re not used to it, and wear gloves so that you have better grip on the saw.
  • Safety features
    The Husqvarna Rancher is engaged only with an on button, ensuring that you’ll never start it by accident – and when you’re not using the chainsaw, you can close it up safely with the chain guard to keep it away from the potential of any accidents happening.
  • Warranty

All Husqvarna products are covered by their manufacturer warranty, which protects you against any faults that might happen so that if something does go wrong, you can contact the support team for Husqvarna.

Product Performance

There are a few key factors that matter more than others when you need to know exactly how it’ll perform when you’re right in the middle of a job. Some of the most important ones are power, design and safety; here’s how the Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw measures up.

  • Power
    The Husqvarna Rancher puts out an incredible amount of power. In fact, it might be a little too much power for anyone who isn’t used to using a chainsaw – so take caution if you aren’t used to it before switching the Husqvarna on for the first time.
  • Design

Design matters when you’re holding a chainsaw, and while some users might think they could have done a little better on design, they managed to make a chainsaw that’s comfortable in the hands and won’t transfer a lot of vibration.

  • Safety

Safety is another vital feature when talking about chainsaws, and this one’s safety features are impressive; it’s been made with the novice user in mind so that even someone who has never used a chainsaw before in their lives will be unlikely to injure themselves (assuming they bothered to read the manual, oil the chain and find the on button).

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • 460 Rancher chainsaw is a robust all-round saw for jobs that need a longer Bar
  • 60. 3cc 20 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain, Torque, max. 3.4 Nm
  • 2 cycle engine with intertia activated chain brake for safety while operating

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the best and worst features of the Husqvarna Rancher 460 gas-powered chainsaw for anyone thinking about buying one.

  • Pro: The Husqvarna model offers you plenty of power and reach without any severe kickback.

The Husqvarna Rancher 460 offers you more power than you would imagine in a chainsaw; it’s more than enough power in a saw to take on even the toughest jobs, which makes this a perfect choice if you’re  professional contractor who will be using their chainsaw every day – and especially ideal for a home user who only gets occasional use out of their chainsaw and puts it into storage for the rest of the year.

  • Pro: This chainsaw can cut through almost all types of wood.

Professional contractors and artists-for-hire can have a different type of job every other week, and it comes with needing a chainsaw that can handle several of these jobs; the Husqvarna Rancher has been designed to be able to cut through most types of wood with a surprising amount of speed and ease – which is exactly what most people are looking for in a chainsaw.

  • Pro: The Husqvarna Rancher-series has been designed with less emissions in mind, and needs less gas than other models to power.

Buying an environmentally friendly product is essential, and it’s becoming a compulsory requirement in many parts of the world that are trying to cut down on their carbon emissions – including many parts of the US such as California. The Husqvarna Rancher has been designed with maximum carbon emissions in mind – and it won’t spray back a bunch of dust and gas in your face during use.

  • Con: Sometimes this chainsaw can leak oil if left into storage for too long.

The Husqvarna Rancher can sometimes leak oil if it’s put into storage for too long, but this isn’t a problem unique to this model or even this brand: It’s something that will happen to all gas chainsaws at some point if you put it into storage without cleaning everything out properly and allowing for a release of pressure.

  • Con: It’s a heavier chainsaw to hold.

For someone who just needs to use a chainsaw a few times per year, weight isn’t really enough of an issue – but professional contractors who use one every day will quickly notice the added weight of this chainsaw in their neck and shoulders when they’ve been working with it every day.

  • Con: It comes only with a chain and bar cover.

Unfortunately the Husqvarna chainsaw only comes with a chain and bar cover as added extras, and leaves you to buy everything yourself later on – this is usually fine, as long as you don’t mind the fact that it takes another trip to the store if you want to get chain oil. Some foresight is needed here!

Additional Chains

Wear-and-tear is expected if you’ve used your chainsaw for a while, and eventually you’ll need to replace the chain with something else. Here are the 3 best additional chains that you can buy for the Husqvarna Rancher gas-powered chainsaw.

  • Husqvarna Chain

The Husqvarna chain is the first one that comes with the chainsaw, and it’s the first chain most people choose when they need to replace it again – it’s just easier to stick to the same brand, and most people don’t have specialized needs that warrant buying another chain.

  • Standard Oregon Replacement Chain

Oregon chains are readily available and fit most brands of chainsaw, which makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a replacement chain that will fit most of your needs.

  • 20” Oregon Chain

If you’re looking for a replacement chain and can’t seem to find one that’s the right length, you can also install a 20” Oregon chain on the Husqvarna Rancher and it’ll be fine.

Final Thoughts

Husqvarna is a trusted brand when it comes to tools, and the Rancher offers you all of the power that you’d want in a saw – but many users have reported that this chainsaw is heavier than they expected it to be, and used every day it can seem almost cumbersome.

It can be a heavy fit in the hands, although there are many features that make up for this fact – and you’ll soon forget the weight once you’re in the middle of a job.

Still, it offers you a lot of power, and for some artists or professional contractors this is exactly the power they’re going to need on the job – which makes this chainsaw perfect for some users despite the flaws that it might have.

When you buy Huzqvarna, you’re buying a quality brand that’s going to last for a long time and can handle everything it needs to. For professional contractors who are looking for a very reliable tool they can use for years to come, this is perfect.

If you aren’t a professional and you just need a chainsaw that will perform well when you need it to, the Husqvarna Rancher does perfectly fine, too. There are plenty of features that make the Husqvarna worth buying, including the range of safety features that means you’ll never have to take the risk of injuring yourself (or someone who works for you) when using the Husqvarna, including people who have never used a chainsaw before.

It offers power, comfort and speed with the only real drawback being the weight – if you aren’t sure whether you can handle it, taking this chainsaw out for a test run is probably the best option.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • 460 Rancher chainsaw is a robust all-round saw for jobs that need a longer Bar
  • 60. 3cc 20 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain, Torque, max. 3.4 Nm
  • 2 cycle engine with intertia activated chain brake for safety while operating

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw for anyone who’s thinking about adding one of these to their tool collection.

  • What’s CARB compliant and why does it matter for a chainsaw?

You’ll often see the CARB Compliance sticker on a lot of products like chainsaws – anything that uses engines, really – and this refers to the California Air Resources Board; this means that the product has been tested and found to have reduced carbon emissions as required by law, making it a more environmentally friendly product even if you use it outside of California.

  • What’s the maximum chain length that can be installed on this bar?

While this chainsaw is listed at 20,l you can easily install a 24” bar on this model and have it be completely fine – and this has been checked and confirmed with the manufacturer as suited for use.

  • What do I do if I can’t start it?

If you’ve never used a chainsaw before in your life, it can seem like the Husqvarna is hard to start – but if you’re having any trouble starting it, you should go straight to the user manual.

If you’re having any trouble starting the Husqvarna, you should place it on a flat surface and engage the choke first – and remember that this chainsaw starts with a button, not a pull cord like you’d see with most chainsaws.

  • What’s the difference between the X-Torq engine and those who don’t say it?

Some models list the X-Torq engine and other models don’t. What’s important about this is that the X-Torq engines have been designed with the minimum carbon emissions in mind – and these generally refer to newer, better-designed engines.

  • Can you buy an extended warranty for the Husqvarna after you’ve bought it?

The Husqvarna’s warranty lasts for 2 years, although a lot of people still ask if you can buy an extended warranty with it – or if you’ll somehow get a “double warranty” on the product if you buy two. No, and no: The warranty you get is the warranty you get, and users are usually happy with their Husqvarna’s for years after the warranty has expired.

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