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For all the people out in the market looking for a strong chainsaw with easy to start features and maneuverability, we have got an option for you; the Husqvarna 440E chainsaw. This is designed to consume less fuel but run for a long time fulfilling all your different tasks. It features efficient operation with utility in a very versatile combination catering to your need. It also uses state of the art technology to give certain benefits over the competition. These will be discussed in detail in the sections below.


This machine comes with forged 3 piece crankshaft which gives maximum durability to the operator to achieve the toughest applications. It uses a quick release air filter which assists in cleaning the air filter. This also means that the chainsaw allows for easy replacement of the air filter. What is even better, this allows for tool-less tension in the chain which is not an option provided by many competitors of the industry. This device is also CARB compliant, making it even more attractive for some users. It features a technology called X-Torq which gives the engine the capability to consume less fuel with the reduction in emission levels. Another technology it uses is called Smart Start, which allows the device to start smoothly and easily, even in the worst weather conditions where many motors fail to start. Also, this chainsaw is gas powered, so it is an ideal option for those who prefer gas over electric.


  • Control – This chainsaw uses ergonomic handles that give maximum control to the user while operating the machine. Furthermore, it weighs only 9.78 pounds, which means it is easier to use compared to other heavier options in the market. Being gas powered, it gives the most power to the user without the hassle of battery or power outlets. So that the user can work easily and with maximum power that can be there.
  • Engine Technology – This machine is designed in such a way that it only uses the minimum amount of fuel required for the task. It uses tried and tested technology, which ensures that the machine delivers much more than it consumes.
  • Easy Start – Another advantage of using this machine is the fact that it starts very easily without much trouble in even the worst weather conditions. So, anyone can get it started and work as required without getting into any issues related to complicated starting procedures.
  • Reduced Noise – It is surprisingly quiet for a chainsaw. Noise contributes to noise pollution even if you can wear ear plugs to save you from that noise, it can still harm the environment. But this machine is specifically designed to make less noise. And a reasonable amount of noise would be produced.
  • Vibration – High amplitude vibration in a machine is a common source of discomfort for many users out there. This is an attractive option for them since it vibrates much less during operation.a person using it would feel little vibration feel because of it vibration proof infrastructure and that makes it very easy and comfortable to be used.


  • Chain Tension – Some people may experience that the machine would fail to hold chain tension, combined with occasional stalling for no reason. This can be a source of great inconvenience for the operator.
  • Design – It has also been widely reported that the product is not constructed using quality materials because of incidents like paint chipping off for no reason. While this may be due to a faulty device being delivered to some users, this is still definitely a very important factor when buying a new chainsaw.
  • Instruction Manual – The instruction manual provided with the machine is also not satisfactory for some users. It doesn’t provide much detail regarding the use of the product.


This is one of the most balanced chainsaws offered in the market. Being gas powered using different technologies such as X-Torq and Smart Start, it ensures that the user faces no inconvenience whatsoever. Also, it is made with quality materials which ensure longevity and durability. This product is sure to last you long and is a good option to consider in the long run.

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