2020 Buyer's Guide

Greenworks Pro Cordless Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

2020 Buyer's Guide

Greenworks Pro Cordless Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

by Ollie Robinson

Greenworks is a brand that’s been around for a while, and if you’re in the market for any new tools, this is one of the first brands you’ll encounter.

They’re an Asian-based brand known for their production of affordable battery-powered tools, and they’re great whether you just need something for occasional home use or more heavy professional-grade use as a contractor.

Here’s how the Greenworks Pro 18” 80V Chainsaw matches up when really put to the test.

The Greenworks Pro 18” chainsaw is one of the most popular battery-powered tools in the Greenworks range, and it’s made to cut through several types of materials with considerable ease – including soft to harder timber, which makes it especially great for contractors.

It offers a great amount of power, usually enough for anyone who needs to use a chainsaw at home – and it’s not too heavy if you’ve never used a chainsaw for anything before and you’re scared of being overwhelmed by the weight. And, when it comes to one of the most important features for chainsaws in general, it’s safe – and you can “lock” the chainsaw to protect the blade and unprotected hands when the chainsaw isn’t in use.

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Product Features

Here are some of the features that define the Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw and why you should consider getting one.

  • Engine size
    The Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw is powered by a 2.0 AH battery that puts out 80W of impressive power when cutting, equivalent to a standard 45cc gas chainsaw engine – except there’s no gas needed.
  • Bar length
    This chainsaw’s bar length measures at 18 inches long, which makes it perfect for most cutting jobs – and even most heavy duty ones when wielded with a little more experience.
  • Kickback and Chain

The kickback experienced with the Greenworks chainsaw isn’t nearly as much as you’d think, which makes it the perfect chainsaw model even for anyone who isn’t used to using one.

  • Safety features

The entire brand is made to be as safe as possible, and the Greenworks comes with special features that ensure user safety – including a chain guard and safety-off for when it’s not in use to keep anyone (especially children) from accidentally injuring themselves.

  • Warranty

Most tools made by Greenworks are issued with a 4-year manufacturer warranty that covers it against any faults or malfunctions.

Product Performance

Greenworks is known for tools that perform well even under serious, heavy use – but how does the 80W chainsaw match up against the rest of their products? Here’s what you should know.

  • Power
    Even though it’s battery-powered, this chainsaw doesn’t compromise on power – and its 80V output gives you more than enough power for your average cutting job, even when it’s wood that’s harder to cut through.
  • Design

The product has been created to be ideal for the home contractor who just needs to get the chainsaw out a few times per year, but it’s also ideal for the professional contractor who puts theirs through heavier use; either way, it’s a comfortable fit and isn’t too heavy.

  • Safety

Safety is one of the most important features when you’re buying any kind of tool that can take off your hand if you aren’t careful, and the Greenworks range never compromises on safety; the start button ensures that the chainsaw is never started by accident, and the chain guard ensures the blade can’t hurt anyone.

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Pros and Cons

There are some things this chainsaw works great for and other things where it could perform better. Here’s more about the best and worst features of the Greenworks battery-powered chainsaw.

  • Pro: It’s a powerful saw that’s perfect for multi-use.

Contractors will want something that can handle heavy use and several types of materials with ease, and home users will just want something comfortable that can handle most of what they need to do once or twice per year: The Greenworks battery-powered chainsaw is great because it gives you both these things at once.

  • Pro: It’s safe and light at the same time.

Safety is one of the most important features for power tools, and the Greenworks battery-powered chainsaw has many added safety features that ensure safe use; this includes a start button to ensure that it never starts by accident. It’s also one of the lightest battery-powered models on the market and weighs in at only about 20 pounds when shipped.

  • Pro: It offers 150 cuts on one charge.

Sometimes battery-powered will mean a compromise on product longevity, but that’s not the case here. You can get up to 150 cuts on just one charge, which is perfect for home contractors who just need it for the occasional thing around the house.

  • Con: It’s slower than you might need.

The Greenworks Pro battery-powered model gives you enough power to do most things you want, but that doesn’t mean it offers enough speed – for some heavy contracting use that needs speed as well as power, the Greenworks Pro can be slower when cutting through harder woods.

  • Con: Professional use warrants two models in use.

Professional contractors often do several jobs right after the other – and some even need to be in several places at several sites at once; for this, 150 cuts per charge might not be enough to get to all of the jobs and stop in the middle to let it charge. Heavy, professional use like this often warrants having two models in use at the same time, or just getting two batteries.

  • Con: It comes with one battery only.

Speaking of batteries, the Greenworks Pro model comes shipped with only one battery when you order it – and it doesn’t have the option of adding another battery to your order. Because the batteries used for Greenworks tools (Note: Only of the same voltage!) are interchangeable, it would have been great to see a replacement battery included with the tool from the start. It’s not an essential feature for the product and it’s not even something everyone who buys it will need, but it would have been nice.

Additional Chains

Chainsaws that are put through tough jobs or heavy use will require a replacement chain – and for most, it’s just easier to order your replacement chain straight away. Here are the additional replacement chains that’ll fit the Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Battery-Powered chainsaw for when you need it.

  • Oregon Low-Profile Chain

The Oregon Low-Profile chain is best for cutting softer and harder woods, and this is the first chain the Greenworks Pro chainsaw will ship with – and if you want a replacement that does everything of the standard chain, this is the one you should choose.

  • Oregon Powersharp Chain

The Oregon Powersharp chain isn’t the first option for most people when they need a replacement chain for the Greenworks Pro chainsaw: The only reason why is the fact that most people don’t know they can use it. It works perfectly fine as a replacement chain for this chainsaw, even if you’re in for some more heavy-duty types of cutting.

  • Oregon 91PXL062

The Oregon 91PXL062 is one of the chainsaw replacement chains that are recommended on the Oregon website – and it can work for a few different models, including the Greenworks Pro. Again, it’s perfect for some more heavy-duty types of cutting – or just a replacement chain for when you need it at home.

Final Thoughts

The Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw makes for an excellent backup model if you’re a contractor who will be making use of it every day and needs a tool that will perform well even when put through very heavy use; it can even be used as a primary professional-grade tool if you don’t have another model.

If you’re a home contractor who will just be needing a chainsaw for some standard home use, it’s perfect – and it’s just as great if you happen to be a home user who has never used a chainsaw before in their lives; the safety features and lighter weight of this tool makes it a great option.

It’s a great chainsaw option for anyone who isn’t used to the weight or power of a gas-powered chainsaw, like someone who hasn’t owned a chainsaw for long or wants to buy their first model: At the same time, it doesn’t compromise on quality for anyone who needs to make use of a tool like this for professional use.

It’s light, powerful and safe: Which honestly makes it one of the best overall battery-powered chainsaw models available on the market right now.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions for anyone who is considering the Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw as their next possible buy.

  • Can you use the Greenworks battery between different power tool models?

A lot of people have wanted to know if you can use the Greenworks batteries in different Greenworks tools – and the answer is yes, but only if you make sure that the voltage of the battery is the same, and that it’s only a Greenworks brand tool. If not, the manufacturer can’t take responsibility for what happens – and it won’t be covered under warranty if something goes wrong.

  • Can you buy the Greenworks chainsaw without having to buy the battery?

Yes, if you bought the battery separately or already have one at home, you can just buy the Greenworks Pro chainsaw without the included battery. Of course, the batteries can also be bought separately – but you can’t order an extra battery with your original order, you’ll have to get another battery if you’d like a replacement as a backup.

  • What should you know when putting the Greenworks Pro battery-powered chainsaw into storage?

Like with most chainsaws, it’s important that you empty the oil reservoir entirely before putting the chainsaw away for long periods of time – if not, you take the risk of oil leaking all over the place. The Greenworks chainsaw has an automatic mechanism that helps take care of this, but if it’s for a long while, you’ll want to make sure you release the oil cap to make sure that any extra pressure buildup releases itself. 

  • What’s included with the package when you order the Greenworks Pro chainsaw?

When you order the Greenworks Pro chainsaw, you’ll get a few things included with your order – including the battery needed to power the chainsaw and the charger; many users recommend that you get another backup battery for the device, and this (along with spare chargers for the model) are sold separately. If you already have a battery at home, you can just go ahead and order the chainsaw without the battery instead.

  • Can this chainsaw be used to cut anything other than the usual materials – such as wood?

There are plenty of artists out there who make use of chainsaws to create their unique art from materials like ice – but the manufacturer doesn’t recommended that any of their battery-powered chainsaws be used when cutting ice, especially in an environment that’s subject to a lot of moisture. Doing this risks almost certain damage to the chainsaw and you’ll definitely void your warranty – and you might even risk serious injury, so just don’t try it!

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