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Many chainsaw options are provided to professional sawyers, lumberjacks, and hobbyists. The industry is continually manufacturing chainsaws with innovative features and new technology. One chainsaw can’t possibly suit the needs of every person. That is why these machines are developed to suit the needs of a specific group of people. Same is the case with GreenWorks 20312, which has been made for the common homeowner or an enthusiast.


The GreenWorks 20312 features a durable 16-inch bar which is capable of all types of woodwork. This chainsaw utilizes a unique kind of technology called DigiPro which enables the machine to generate 100 cuts while have charged it once. It also makes sure that the chainsaw uses less power while providing maximum efficiency. This comes with a 4AH battery and a charger, though you can decide against the extra accessories, that would mean you wouldn’t be able to use the device out of the box. This chainsaw is compatible with a wide range of tools from GreenWorks Li-Ion G-MAX system which makes this a very versatile option. Moreover, the motor design accomplishes the hard task of decreasing vibration. More torque is delivered by the motor which means better cutting performance. This machine makes no compromise on the safety of the user, providing a low kickback chain and chain brake. The motor used in the chainsaw also ensures that the device starts at once after you pull the trigger.


  • Battery – This cordless chainsaw uses a battery to operate. The battery used is a very long lasting one that can make many cuts before dying. Although the battery gets hot after time, the performance is still phenomenal.
  • Design Language – This chainsaw is compact, lightweight and cordless. That is the best combination for the maximum possible maneuverability. Although the attached battery carries its own weight, it doesn’t increase it substantially and keeps it under normal figures. Therefore, this chainsaw provided the maximum comfort and control to the user.
  • Comfort – The chainsaw has been designed to substantially decrease vibrations while operating. This, in turn, avoids inconveniences for the sawyer. Also, the handles are excellent quality providing comfortable but firm grip.
  • Performance – The DigiPro technology used in the motor really turns the chainsaw into a beast. Even though it is cordless, it can provide the same performance as that of a similar size gas chainsaw. Generally, it is considered that gas models perform better, but this one is breaking all traditions.
  • Oiling – The machine uses an automatic bar oiling system coupled with an easy to see the level window of oil. This makes oiling the bar very easy. And due to this function, the overall functioning of the chainsaw remains up to you mark without any hindrances in the function and operation.


  • Leakage – This is a problem faced by the majority of the chainsaw users. It is usually considered a great inconvenience by the users. Although the company says it is perfectly normal for the device to leak oil, a solution should be provided. The best they have to say is that empty the oil from the device after each use, which can really get cumbersome. The reason is that there is no drain plug so you just have to flip the device over to drain the oil.
  • Oil Pump – There have also been doubts raised regarding the quality of the oil pump used. This component of the machine is not built to last and could get damaged. If that happens, you might get a replacement if your warranty is still intact. Otherwise, replacement components are really hard to find. They should be more widely available.
  • Temperature – The battery gets hot very often which means the charger will have trouble accepting the battery. You would have to wait for the battery to cool down in such a case. Keeping a spare battery is a good solution but not a very convenient one.


This chainsaw excels in light and medium duty tasks. It can prove to be a worthy device for the average user because it provides many features in a solid quality chainsaw. It has been constructed to last, and made to perform the best.

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