What is Chainsaw kickback and how can you avoid it!

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Chainsaw is a seriously productive tool for a number of tasks but at the same time, it can be lethal if mishandled or used without any precautions. The modern chainsaw products are equipped with a number of safety features. The safety in this domain is increasing rapidly with time. The safety features in some products are the de facto standards while some of the other types are the legal requirements in some particular jurisdiction. The users, however, are advised by the professionals and the manufacturers of the products to inspect the chainsaw in terms of its safety features before using it. The majority of the chainsaw safety features that you will find in a system are focused a lot more on the kickback problem. The intentions of the manufacturers in this regard are to either avoid the problem completely or to just reduce the risk of getting any injury.

What is Kickback?

In order to investigate deep into the kickback safety issues, we must first understand that what exactly kickback issue is. It is an issue which is primarily caused due to the cutting is done with the chain which is either on the bar or in the kickback zone. The bar nose kickback is the most common of all causes that can lead to serious kickback injuries. It is an issue which may occur when the chainsaw in its moving position at the tip or the nose of the bar touches with the object. In another scenario, it is caused, when the wood piece closes in approximation and it pinches the chain of the saw while making a cut. The bar nose or the tip in some of the scenarios can lead to a very rapid reverse action which kicks the bar up and back in the direction of the operator. How we can avoid this issue is discussed in the next section.

How to avoid kickback issues with a chainsaw?

The following is a concise list of points which will help any chainsaw user to reduce the chances of getting vulnerable to kickback injury:

  • If you are cutting anything with the tool then make sure to cut just one single piece at a time.
  • Make sure that the guide far nose of the tool doesn’t touch with the logs.
  • You must have an idea that is where exactly is the bar tip at all the time.
  • The chain tension should be maintained correctly. Because if the chain tension is not set in the correct manner and is overly pulled or loose, then it surely will cause the kickback or other issues as well. Which are not good for the user and also for the chainsaw.
  • The holding position of the chainsaw must be very accurate and with firmness in both the hands.
  • Your foot stance must also be firm and the body must be balanced properly too. You should be prepared for any sort of condition to make sure you can save yourself and still use the toll properly.
  • You must position yourself right at the side of the path where you are looking to make a cut.
  • The chain brake must be in its best working order and it is capable of stopping the equipment whenever desired
  • Follow the user manual of the product regarding the kickback safety features which is product specific and much more useful than the general advice.

Never think that you have got all conditions in your full control, rather you should prepare your chainsaw as well as your own body and mind to take care of any condition that may come through your way.

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