2020 Buyer's Guide

Blue Max 8901 Gas Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

2020 Buyer's Guide

Blue Max 8901 Gas Chainsaw Review

by Ollie Robinson

by Ollie Robinson

The Blue Max brand is one that a lot of people haven’t heard of before, but it’s one of the brands that can hold their own weight when it comes to competing with the bigger-name brands chosen by most contractors.

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty multiple-use chainsaw for professional use or you’re just someone in need of a good chainsaw for the home workshop, Blue Max promises to offer some great competing options.

The Blue Max 8901 combination 14”/20” chainsaw is a smaller chainsaw from a lesser-known brand that happens to offer you some big power. This happens to be one of the best chainsaws you can buy if you’re looking for a backup model or something to just complete a few jobs around the house with.

Here’s more about how the Blue Max 8901 chainsaw compares when really put to the test.

Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Chainsaw in 4 Color Carton
  • 45 cc high performance blue max engine, 35-percent higher performance than alternative brands
  • 30-percent more chain teeth reduces cutting time; anti vibe handle; center balanced.25:1 fuel mixture
  • Quick start (cdi) ignition system; automatic oiler

Product Features

Here’s more information about the essential product features that define the Blue Max 8901 and makes it stand out above some of the other chainsaws you’ll find in the same range.

  • Engine size

The Blue Max 8901 combination chainsaw offers you an incredible 45cc of power from its little gas engine, which is more than enough for most jobs – and guaranteed to perform even when under pressure.

  • Bar length

The Blue Max chainsaw is called a 2-in-1 combination chainsaw because of this feature, which allows it to switch between a 14” or 20” bar depending on what you need – usually, this would require a lot of extra things you have to buy, but it’s all included with the Blue Max.

  • Kickback and Chain

If you aren’t used to using a chainsaw every day, you might be surprised at the amount of power in this one – but it’s still been designed with a minimum amount of kickback so that you don’t have to worry about any accidental injuries or mistaken cuts.

  • Safety features

The Blue Max has been designed with safety features that ensure the chance of accidental injury is minimal – and this is one of the best features about the Blue Max if you’re buying it as an inexperienced user. The anti-vibration and handles go a great deal towards minimizing the amount of strain needed to operate – and the chances of dropping it while in operation.

  • Warranty

The Blue Max chainsaw doesn’t offer as much of a warranty as some other products, and the warranty for the Blue Max brand only covers the product for a year – though there are a lot of users (in fact, most) who have reported using their Blue Max chainsaw for years without a problem.

Product Performance

Power, design and safety are some of the most important features when deciding to buy a chainsaw. Here’s how the Blue Max chainsaw measures up for the 3 most essential factors.

  • Power

The Blue Max chainsaw is a smaller gas-operated chainsaw that puts out as much power as your average battery-powered chainsaw – which is more than you’d think, and enough to complete even larger jobs without having to worry about the chainsaw will have enough power; almost guaranteed, it will.

  • Design

The Blue Max chainsaw models have all been designed with user comfort in mind, and the grip ensures that the chainsaw is as comfortable in your hands as it can be – and minimizes the change the chance that the chainsaw will slip during use; they’ve even added a few extra safety features that ensure maximum ease-of-use, even for the novice chainsaw operator.

  • Safety

Speaking of extra safety features, the Blue Max has been designed for the maximum possible user safety when in use, and the chain brake ensures an instant stop when intended to reduce the possibility of accidental injury while using the chainsaw. Again, this makes it perfect for the novice chainsaw user who’d really appreciate the ease-of-use and extra safety features.

Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Chainsaw in 4 Color Carton
  • 45 cc high performance blue max engine, 35-percent higher performance than alternative brands
  • 30-percent more chain teeth reduces cutting time; anti vibe handle; center balanced.25:1 fuel mixture
  • Quick start (cdi) ignition system; automatic oiler

Pros and Cons

Measuring up the Blue Max chainsaw against any other comparative models? Here are the top pros and cons of the Blue Max 45cc two-stroke engine gas-powered chainsaw that define how well it’ll work when put to the test whether you’re a professional or just someone who needs to do some trimming around the yard.

  • Pro: It’s one of the lighter gas-powered chainsaws on the market.

There are many gas-powered chainsaws on the market that can feel like you’re picking up a ton of bricks – which is the exact opposite of what you’re looking for in a chainsaw. The Blue Max range has been made to be lighter, which makes them a more comfortable fit in your hands on the job for maximum safety.

  • Pro: The two-in-one feature really makes this chainsaw worth buying for multi-purpose use.

What’s meant with the two-in-one function of the chainsaw is that you can choose either bar length depending on what the job requires – and for any other chainsaw model, this would have taken an entirely new chain and bar to do that you would have had to buy separately. When you buy the Blue Max chainsaw, everything you need is included in the package – including the tools you need to make the adjustment.

  • Pro: The Quick-Start function ensures that you’ll never have to struggle with the Blue Max chainsaw.

Depending on the conditions you’re using it in, sometimes chainsaws can be very hard to start – but the quick start function that’s been built into the Blue Max gas-engine series of chainsaws ensures you’ll never have to struggle when trying to start it: It’s a simple one-button start mechanism that’s considerably easier than your traditional chainsaw with a pull cord.

  • Con: You have to buy the case as an added, optional extra.

If you’ve just spent any amount of money on a power tool like this, you’ll want to keep it protected as much as you can – and the only way to do this if you put your tool into storage for a long time or travel with it frequently is to make sure it travels in a hard case.

This is unfortunately not something that’s offered with your purchase of a saw, and you’ll have to buy an extra case. It’s not that much of a problem, and it has no impact on how well the saw works – but it’s still an added hassle.

  • Con: It’s not powerful enough for a lot of contracting needs.

A lot of professional contractors who would want to use this as their primary saw might find that it falls short in power when needing to do more heavy-duty cutting jobs that involve larger limbs from tougher woods. Although it makes for a perfectly fine secondary model, the lack of power is one of the reasons why you wouldn’t have to use it for your first.

  • Con: Some users reported that their chain comes loose too quickly during use.

A lot of users who bought this chainsaw reported that their chain came loose too soon during use – and this just requires a few minutes of tightening, but it can be a massive inconvenience if you’re right in the middle of a job where you don’t want to waste any time. For some, this requires another chainsaw entirely – and defeats the whole point of buying this one.  

Additional Chains

  • Standard Oregon Replacement Chain

The Standard Oregon chain is available at most hardware stores, and it’s one of the most popular options for putting the first chain on a chainsaw just because it’s one of the most readily available options – even if it needs replacing in the middle of a big job, you don’t have to drive to another part of the country to get it or wait for it to be ordered.

  • AdvanceCut Oregon Replacement Chain

If you have special cutting needs, then the AdvanceCut Oregon Replacement chain should be your first choice. It’s great for your more heavy-duty cutting needs, or the kind that’ll mean you need to have some more control over your cut.

  • Standard Blue Max Chain Replacement

The Standard Blue Max Chain is the one that your Blue Max chainsaw is issued with, and it’s a slight variation on the standard Oregon chain – but it’s just as good, and you can get some great use out of your chain.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Max chainsaw is an excellent model if you’re looking for a chainsaw that will manage to do all of the smaller jobs around the yard and a little more; it offers you 45cc of power in a lightweight package, and you have the option of switching over the length of the bar and chain to a longer one if that’s what the job requires.

This is something a lot of chainsaw models would require some more equipment with, but it’s all included with the Blue Max.

It’s one of the better chainsaws you can get when you’re looking for a starter-model gas chainsaw that will do the job – but might not be the best choice when looking for a more maintenance-heavy chainsaw for primary professional use.

While there are better chainsaws on the market, this one can be perfect for a backup or home model; just not everything else.

Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Chainsaw in 4 Color Carton
  • 45 cc high performance blue max engine, 35-percent higher performance than alternative brands
  • 30-percent more chain teeth reduces cutting time; anti vibe handle; center balanced.25:1 fuel mixture
  • Quick start (cdi) ignition system; automatic oiler

Frequently asked questions

Struggling to decide if the Blue Max chainsaw is the right model for your needs? Here are the most frequently asked questions about this model from Amazon.

  • What kind of oil does this chainsaw model use and where can I find it?

Since it’s a two-stroke engine chainsaw, you’ll have to use a combination of oil and gas to power it – but if you don’t know chainsaws or engines all that well, it’s usually best just to buy this pre-mixed. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can use any type of oil and the chainsaw will run just fine.

  • Where are Blue Max chainsaws and parts made?

Because Blue Max is a brand that a lot of people aren’t familiar with, many have asked just where the Blue Max chainsaw and its parts are made – it’s an Asian-based brand for anyone who might have been wondering about it, and this just helps make it a little cheaper to manufacture.

  • Does the chain come pre-sharpened with the chainsaw?

A common question about the Blue Max 8091 chainsaw is whether or not the chain will come pre-sharpened, ready for use. It would seem that it does, but that most users would rather opt for having their chain sharpened again since the stock chain (at least for most) didn’t come shipped sharp enough.

  • Where can I get a replacement chainsaw bar?

While this chainsaw does ship with two chainsaw bars (hence the two-in-one feature), professional contractors might still want to keep a backup chainsaw bar around the house. If this describes you, the easiest way is to go to the same place where you found the chainsaw – or contact the Blue Max manufacturers directly and let them point you in the direction of a distributor.

  • Can this be used for cutting down big trees?

Trees with a larger diameter don’t offer that much of a challenge for the Blue Max chainsaw, and it offers more than enough cutting power for even larger trees – though sometimes you’ll need more than one cut made from several angles to take on the larger ones.

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