Black & Decker LCS1020 Cordless Chainsaw Review

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The industry of chainsaws is filled with numerous options for the common interested man. This makes the decision of buying a capable model specifically suited to the needs of the person very hard. Many factors need to be considered like budget, performance, type of tasks, the frequency of use, etc. Careful evaluations of these will help the person make his/her mind. This guide introduces a capable chainsaw from reputable brand Black & Decker, The LCS1020. This is a premium chainsaw with many features. It excels at many tasks, especially pruning. Therefore, it is the perfect tool for the yard owner or the enthusiastic hobbyist.


This model from Black & Decker comes with a 10-inch low kickback bar and chain. It runs using a 20V MAX lithium-Ion battery which has impressive working power. It stays charged for an extremely long time without dying. The chain has been designed for fast and smooth cuts. It has a tool-free blade tensioning system which allows for quick adjustments of the machine. It weighs only 7.2 pounds that is why it is easily maneuverable. It is also compact for easy storage and transportability. The handle provides maximum comfort and control. There is also a window to gauge oil level. The chainsaw has been designed with the capability to effectively cut not only branches but even small trees.


  • Battery Timing – This chainsaw is praised because of its excellent battery timing. The battery can cut many branches and logs before dying. Although there are some problems with the battery like it heats up a lot and takes time to recharge, but they don’t take away the credit for the long-lasting performance of the battery.
  • Form Factor – There are many advantages of this chainsaw regarding its form factor. It is very compact and lightweight at 7.2 pounds. It offers a 10-inch kickback bar and chain at this size which is extremely efficient in cutting small logs and branches. It is very easy to transport to the workplace. It is also easily maneuverable.
  • Portability – One clear benefit of using a cordless chainsaw again a corded one is the degree of portability it offers. Cordless chainsaws of this size and weight are easily maneuverable even though they have the extra weight of the battery.
  • Easy Start – This model of Black & Decker is famed for its easy starting. No matter what condition or scenario you are placed in, this device won’t fail to start. There are no chords that you have to wrestle with to start this chainsaw. Just press the simple switch and it will fire up. It takes all the hassle out of the matter.
  • Comfort – Another advantage of using this lightweight chainsaw is the level of comfort it provides to the user. It has sturdy handles which provide maximum grip while operation. It is further very quiet in its operation. It doesn’t contribute one bit to noise pollution.


  • Oiler – Many people have complaints regarding the manual oiler. Most chainsaws these days come with automatic oiler so it is quite a bit of an inconvenience. It can get quite annoying for some people who are used to automatic functions. This missing feature is a must-have for any convenience tool. This chainsaw requires you to manually pump the oiler every time you use the device.
  • Battery Temperature –It is commonly known as the battery of this chainsaw to get extremely hot after extensive use. Although this is common for some other chainsaws as well, it presents some inconvenience to the user because they need to give a cooldown time to the battery to operate them again. The charger also won’t accept hot battery so one would have to wait before they can be recharged.
  • Recharge Time – Another complaint regarding the battery of this chainsaw is that


This small size chainsaw can prove very useful to the average user who needs it for cutting small logs and branches. It is a perfect partner for a man to take care of their yard. It will definitely prove to be a valuable and versatile device because of its excellent battery timing, amazing form factor, stylish design language and easy handling.

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