Black and Decker LCS120 Chainsaw Review

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If you ever find yourself in need of a versatile chainsaw with a variety of functions and top specifications of the industry, then the Black and Decker LCS120 chainsaw is well worth your time. This capable chainsaw with a strong chain blade can excel in many tasks like pruning, bucking and felling. It can be used by hobbyists as well as professionals for a wide variety of tasks. It’s hard to find a reliable and durable chainsaw these days, but rest assured that this model is among the top options available and is designed not to present any disappointments to the user.


The LCS120 has a capability of making 150 cuts, having half an inch or 1-inch diameter, in a single charge. The chainsaw is cordless, which makes it highly portable. It uses a battery as its source of power. Although it is considered that adding a battery adds unnecessary weight to the chainsaw, which can certainly be avoided to achieve maximum maneuverability, this machine is already too light. Its design language is very impressive, allowing it to retain a good mixture of portability and maneuverability. Furthermore, the reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain are designed to handle both hard and soft wood, measuring up to anything around 8 inches. The machine also ensures the safety of the user, so that he/she is safe from all harms. Also, the machine has been designed in such a way to provide maximum control and comfort to the user. To ensure this, the machine features ergonomic handles with multiple grip positions for maximum accuracy and precision during all the work.


  • Efficient Charging – The fact that the machine can make more than 150 cuts in just one charge is an achievement on its own. Add the whole package of this model over that accomplishment, so it can’t get any better than this. It would be a great one for cutting thicker stems also and can help in a wide variety of tasks
  • Design – The design of the machine is such to provide maximum comfort to the sawyer while giving accuracy and precision during all tasks. The handles of the machine feature many grips so that you can adjust to it according to your liking. It has been designed to give maximum accuracy, great handling and ease of use while working.
  • Customer Service – Black and Decker have great customer service. They honor their word and help out customers in trouble in any way they can. They have great communication skills with the customers, and thus, try to make every customer of theirs a satisfied buyer.
  • Convenience – The machine assures the well-deserved comfort of the customer. Just pull the trigger and leave the rest to the machine. There is no hassle of power outlets, fuel or gas of any sort. The machine is also rather compact and lightweight to provide maximum efficiency.
  • Warranty –The 2-year warranty of this model is just like the cherry on top of the excellent customer service this brand provides. If any accident happens to the machine, they will replace it as long as it meets the minimum requirements of the terms and conditions.


  • Engine Oil Spillage – This problem is very common amongst the users. It is due to a faulty model getting in their hands. In this, the reservoir continuously leaks oil, which can present a great inconvenience for the customer.
  • Underpowered – It may not be suitable for extremely heavy duty tasks since it is not very powerful. Don’t get us wrong, it is great for the average user, but for heavy tasks, something bigger is advised.
  • Quality – Some people have also experienced an unfinished product, mostly missing bolts and screws. But it just happens once in a thousand products and not a frequent chance to happen.


This LCS120 model is definitely a good consideration for the hobbyist or the beginner in this industry with chainsaws. It is light enough to operate, long lasting and reliable. Also, it uses a long-lasting battery that can provide many cuts before finally giving up. It is also a good tool for the professionals, but it may not be able to reach the desired mark in case of heavy duty tasks but other than that, the machine is remarkable.

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