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It is extremely important to understand the different chainsaws available within the market right now. Whether you are a professional or a rookie, it is vital that you know about the variety of chainsaws from jawed, poled to the standard chainsaw as well as the various power options available.

You should choose wisely the chainsaw that suits their needs and requirements. A person should make a wise investment because it is done once in a while. Here in this guide, we will inform you about the best chainsaws for your specific needs. We will also compare their prices to utility ratio so that you can choose the cheapest chainsaw of the bunch that will get the job done. Some precautions will also be highlighted, what to avoid, what to look for when buying a chainsaw.

Chainsaws are available in three basic designs:

A standard chainsaw: it’s the one that has been used commonly by professionals and part-time users. In this design, the chainsaw has two handled body and the chainsaw protrudes out in front of the body consisting of a chainsaw attached to the motor.

Pole shaped chainsaws: This shape of chainsaw consists of a long pole type stick, at the top end there is a small chainsaw attached to it. Such chainsaws are very good to cut branches and bushes where there are hard to handle places.

Jawed chainsaws:
In this style, the saw has a jaw-shaped structure that can clamp the object being cut and the chainsaw has suspended inside that jaw.


There are about four different kinds of a chainsaw:

  1. Gas powered chainsaws
  2. Corded electric chainsaw
  3. Cordless chainsaws
  4. Small chainsaws
  5. Pole Saws

Gas powered chainsaws very good at their work and can be helpful in giving you extraordinary cutting results. Such chainsaws need a fuel like oil to run and perform at their best. These are mostly very high-performance chainsaws.

Another type is the corded electric chainsaw, such chainsaws need a cord to connect to an electric power source and work according to the requirements. In addition to the corded electric chainsaws, there are also cordless chainsaws that have a battery operated system. These chainsaws are very efficient and are portable to be used wherever you need its assistance.

The last is the manual operation chainsaw, this type consists of a long chain with small saw blades that can be rolled around the tree to be cut and then pulled alternately with both hands to cut the tree.

What to look for when buying a chainsaw

To make sure you get the best machine for your hard earned cash, make your decision wisely and consider all the following factors:

  • Power source – Chainsaws run on either gas or electricity to make your decision after carefully considering the area and location of work. Gasoline powered chainsaws are best for heavy-duty tasks while electric chainsaws excel at small jobs.
  • Size – the size also matters on the type of activity you want to perform with the chainsaw. Smaller chainsaws can easily perform tasks like pruning and chopping bushes, but you may want to invest in a bigger, more powerful chainsaw if you intend to cut down trees.
  • Weight – the weight also plays a role in choosing the ideal chainsaw. It affects control, portability, and safety. Make sure you can handle the chainsaw you want to buy.
  • Portability – a cordless chainsaw provides portability, but it also adds weight due to the added battery. Batteries also require recharging. In turn, corded chainsaws are lighter and don’t require recharging or refilling of fuel. But they are difficult to carry around so also keep that in mind.
  • Safety – be sure to pick a chainsaw that provides maximum safety and precaution to the user. It must have precautionary measures to handle any potentially dangerous setback that can occur.
  • Warranty – in case of accidental damage, warranty claim greatly helps, so be sure to keep that in mind.

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In Summary

We have listed all the best electric chainsaws and gasoline chainsaws that your money can buy. These all belong to reputable brands so you can rest assured their products will be of top quality. You should first choose what type of user you are; active or passive, and then make your decision. Make an investment once, and do it correctly. You won’t be buying another chainsaw for quite a while so choose wisely. Read all the chainsaw reviews carefully to be sure you are buying the best possible machine for all your activities.

Our top 10 Chainsaw recommendations

Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw

This chainsaw combines utility with comfort and easy transportability because it comes with a carrying case. It is a gas powered chainsaw with a 20-inch and is regarded as one of the best of its category. It uses DuraLife engine technology, which is basically all you need to be assured of its working prowess and durability. This technology enhances the life of the engine, which translates to low maintenance and repair costs in the future.

  • Its air filter also has installed the latest cleaning system which improves its function.
  • Compared to other chainsaws, it also wins in the category of comfort because it operates with reduced vibration which helps in the work and reduces fatigue of the user.
  • You are also getting an effortless pull start at this price, so this also can’t be ignored. If you are searching for power, be sure to consider this one.

It also ships with carrying bag so that is always a plus. Compared to the competition, this one usually hits the pros right and avoids the cons.

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WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw

This is a light but extremely strong and power efficient chainsaw. It is as versatile as a chainsaw of its size can be. It is corded, which means it is lighter weight but has limited portability. The mechanism used in this tool is such that it provides the right tension at all times and prevents the over-tightening of the chain. Its bar length is 16-inch which is perfect for easy mobility and work. Like the competition, it also offers automatic chain lubrication, which is a must these days. For safety measures, it also provides a safety chain stop to the user, and also a low kickback bar to further improve usage.

  • It can be acquired quite cheap, so get your hands on it before you lose this opportunity.
  • It can also be lubricated fairly easy, which in turn improves the life of the machine.
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle that gives maximum efficiency and control to the user.

Its easy operation means anyone can use this machine with some basic understanding of chainsaws.

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Black and Decker LCS120 Chainsaw

This black and Decker LCS1020 is a perfect chainsaw for cutting small logs and medium level cutting jobs. Its battery operated and has a compact design and lightweight body. It has been designed to provide maximum support and easy handling to increase the performance of the saw and to work up to the mark.

  • It is battery operated and has a power usage of about 20V. The battery has a long run time and would not keep draining all the time.
  • It has a very compact design that promotes easy handling and working capability for better performance.
  • It is safe to use as having a low kickback bar and a tool-free blade and easy adjustment for better and quicker work
  • The easy to handle design of the body reduces the fatigue factor.

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Makita UC4030A Electric Chainsaw

The Makita 16-inch commercial grade chainsaw runs on electricity (14.5 amps) and it is at a level of its own. It offers tool-less blade which can easily attract customers because of the level of maintenance and operation it provides. It scores well in all the departments. It comes with excellent rubberized grip handles which are designed especially for comfort and ease of use. It also has a current limiter already built in, so that you are always safe from accidental burnouts, and reducing power consumption when the saw is overloaded, and thus improving its longevity greatly.

  • It allows the user to operate it easily because it uses technology which proves to be useful for easier and smooth startups.
  • It has a large oil reservoir so that you never run out of fuel, unexpectedly, and view windows are also there so as to always keep you aware of the oil level.

One can easily make chain adjustments according to the need. So you want a chainsaw that can continuously cut and automatic oil itself? Then this is the product you require.

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Husqvarna 440E Chainsaw

This 16-inch 2-stroke 40.9cc Chainsaw yet provides another excellent choice for the consumers. You can’t go wrong with this one. If you want comfort, productivity, durability, this will give you all. It has tool-less chain tensioning which puts the most appropriate tension on the chain at all times to maximize function.

  • It has an air filter with quick release, which facilitates the replacement and cleaning of the air filter.
  • Durability wise, it is a wise choice because it uses forged 3-piece crankshaft for the toughest tasks out there.
  • It is quite light and portable, further maximizing usage.
  • This chainsaw is a league above the average consumer-level chainsaw and there is no doubt about this fact.
  • This has been designed for the professionals and even average people can operate it.

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SunJoe SWJ800E Electric Pole Chain Saw

This one is a SunJoe pole chainsaw is an ergonomic and easy to handle tool for professional or domestic cutting tasks. It has the power to assist the user for a long time while working using an electrically powered motor. It has the capacity to cut down stiff branches and can reach hard to see areas to accomplish the task easily as well as effectively. It has a great design to make it a convenient tool for the user and is very easy to operate.

Below are some of the main features, this chainsaw has:

  • The chains saw has a 6.5 amp motor that runs on electricity and can assist as long as you need it to work.
  • The pole of the chainsaw is extendable to 8ft, which is a sufficient length to accomplish the majority of the pruning and cutting tasks.
  • It has a very sharp blade that has the ability to cut down the target object within seconds.
  • There is also an auto lubrication function that keeps the chainsaw up and going, smoothly without any hindrance.

It is an easy to manage chainsaw and can be operated and used by a majority of the users except those who are too weak or have a lean body.

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Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a chainsaw, that has a professional style and has reliable features and is still economical and trustworthy. Husqvarna 450 has all that is needed for a person performing moderate level tasks like domestic pruning and cutting work. This model contains a powerful engine and easy to handle overall design that can be carried and used easily and is able to perform any average task without any issues.


  • The overall design is quite easy to handle and sturdy to be used for longer terms
  • It has an easy to see, fuel level checker in order to check
  • It has a 32 cc engine that is powerful enough to support moderate level work like for cutting bushes, pruning trees at home, etc.
  • It uses a low vibe technology that supports it to create less vibration while working.

It gives a full thrust to the chainsaw through the engine using an X-torq technology that provides greater speed and power to the chain.

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GreenWorks 20312 Chainsaw

This brand has also maintained its reputation as a trusted company producing chainsaws using state of the art technology. It is presently available for a rather cheap price so be sure to grab one soon if you think this is the one for you. It features a 16-inch blade for all your cutting, felling and pruning. It is also cordless to provide maximum portability to the user.

  • It uses DigiPro motor technology, which enables the chainsaw to cut numerous times all in a single charge.
  • You will also be getting a 4Ah battery and a charger so you won’t have to worry about getting those separately.
  • It features a unique brushless motor technology, which allows 30% more torque, which translates to remarkable cutting prowess.

User safety is provided by a low kickback chain and chain brake so you can feel secure while operating this incredible machine and get the best results.

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Black & Decker NLP1800 Chainsaw

Yet another from Black and Decker, the brand proves again that it is one of the top manufacturers of chainsaws. This machine is the most unique of this list. It looks and feels innovative, a style different from the rest. It’s also called “Alligator Lopper” due to its unique design. Looks are not its only achievement.

  • It is great for pruning because of its clamping jaws.
  • It is also rather lightweight, weighing 10.2 pounds. It will ship with a 2-year warranty, so you can sleep in peace.
  • Order this chainsaw, and you will also be getting an 18-volt battery, charger and oil bottle, thus effectively minimizing fuss.
  • If portability is also of great consideration for you, then be sure to check this product out since it is cordless.

Get this product for cheap from the market you may never regret your decision of choosing this innovative product from a reputable brand.

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Remington RM5118R Chainsaw

Lastly, this amazing product from Remington completes our list of top 10 chainsaws of 2015 because of its unique features. It is fairly heavy, which makes it extremely versatile in cutting, pruning, felling and all your other tasks. This one is perfect for the professionals or active users. It uses electronic ignition to start easily, even in horrible, but unavoidable conditions.

  • It utilizes a 51cc engine which promises maximum productivity and utility.
  • With a heavy chainsaw, it is still quite comfortable, because of its ergonomic handling. It is the best choice for heavy-duty tasks.
  • It is also backed by a 2-year warranty for that peace of mind of yours.

It also has got great reviews from users, having many satisfied customers, thus increasing its credibility. You can be sure of receiving a quality device if you order this.

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